Thanks Page!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me – without your support my recovery would have been impossible

Firstly I would like to thank the Australian health care system and all the nurses, doctors and health care workers who all went above and beyond the call of duty!  Your support, dedication and care was truly remarkable.
My friends and family that stood by me – my sister Vicky Coghlan for saving my life, my loving wife Jade for never leaving my side and her endless amount of support, without which I would have simply given up. Most of all I must thank Jade for her unconditional love.
My mother and father for their love and support.
The Northern Suburbs Stroke Group for giving me interaction with other stroke survivors making me feel I wasn’t alone , the work they are doing is vital , offering stroke survivors support in all aspects of their recovery. They are an organisation I strongly support, they were there when myself and Jade needed them most.
A few friends went the extra mile for me but as I don’t want to have any favourites – you all did what you could! I must make a special mention but my good friend Danny Hodson. You got the message out there,  set up Youtubes of my recovery so all could see , rang my wife every few days religiously – you have been like a brother to me!
And also Dave Night for looking after Jade for the days I was in hospital, With her family on the other side of world you were there for her – Thanks!
Thanks to Pete Evison, so so grateful mate, you are a whiz, wish we still lived close as we used to have a scream ey hahaha! Couldn’t mention have the stuff we did, bloody hell!
You are the oldest friend I have ,we have drifted in and out of each others life from the age of 5 and the two Pete’s laughed away everything like dumb n dumber (I was dumber )!

Pete 'n' Pete

Pete ‘n’ Pete

 to friends like you and Dan Hodson, Jacy Brean (my ghost writer) I have been able to get my story of hope out there not forgetting my amazing family support, without my family and friends in Perth and around the globe encouraging me on , there would have been no way I would have made it.

Support is EVERYTHING !!!!

I am truly blessed, I love you all and thank god for friends xxx

I know I have missed people out – sorry! I will continue to update this page as my recovery continues so please check back soon!

7 thoughts on “Thanks Page!

  1. Love the web page Peter well done it not only tells your story but hopefully will help other sufferers and make this condition known to others …….good luck for 2014 in your work and may you continue to show the world how dedication positivism and courage is sometimes all you need Dad xx


  2. Thanks so much to Pete Evison for setting up this webpage, this could be a new start for Pete after almost 3 years of struggling to regain his life. I know he is determined to make his and Jade’s life better with a wholenew career start, we all know he is reliable and conscientious and a stickler for perfection, lets hope its a great 2014.


    • Sorry to see shit is still happening in your life. Believe it or not, I hope 2015 is a great year for you. God knows you deserve it, you have come a long way. A distance many could never have traveled, keep moving forward and take the best of whats on offer, good luck with whatever you do. Never look back and if its out there I hope you find it. God Bless Pete, sorry for the mess.


  3. Thanks folks,i am very excited to be busy again, I will be as I allways am ,and it will go well i am sure,thanks for your suport x


  4. I would just like to a huge thank you to Peter Evison, who has put together this site, I wouldn’t know where to start,THANK YOU MATE!!!
    I am blessed to have the friends and family I have to help me back to my old self
    with all the will in the world you need good support from everyone!!!


  5. Hi Pete, just finished reading your book today after hearing you speak recently about your journey of recovering from LIS.
    Thankyou for sharing your story it provides hope for us. I pray and hope that you continue with the public speaking opportunities that come your way. This world sure does need to hear and see a living being who is a game changer. May God continue to give you strength and shine the light brighter in your life until your time and journey is done here and you move into the next relm, whenever that may be, his timing not ours.


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