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In  the blink of an eye

Published 17th December 2015

Published 5th May 2015


A little update from me…

There’s no easy way out

Published 5th June 2014

Published 5th June 2014

Published on 17th Jan 2014

Stroke awareness is is very scarce all over the world, the Sunday night show on Australian Tv helps spread awareness, Peter Coghlan tells his story. a very tear jerky program, be aware!! This is a two part program.

Published on 17th Jan 2014

Part 2. Stroke awareness is is very scarce all over the world, the Sunday night show on Australian Tv helps spread awareness, Peter Coghlan tells his story. a very tear jerky program, be aware!!

Published on 29 Sep 2013

Pete Coghlan challanged the 12K city to surf walk one of the biggest targets he has set himself so far after his locked in stroke, only to be dishearted by the finalie! Pete still completed the walk with his head held high and still hopes to inspire

Published on 11 Sep 2013

Peter Coghlan tackles the Chevron City to Surf 12K walk finished last but is now the first locked in stroke survivor to complete in the history of this event.

Published on 4 Jun 2013

Petes voice after a lot of hard work and practice suddenly comes back!!! Amazing after being told he may never talk again after being locked in.

Published on 6 May 2013

Pete has finally released is book about his fight with his deadly stroke which left him locked in. This book was written in his own words as it happen and how he fought his way back to live another day. Please share this video. Links for both paper back and kindle are below. Thank you for your support so far

UK Paperback Link…

UK Kindle Link… (Australia)…

Published on 4 May 2013

Pete Coghlans wants to tell everyone about his new book (In the blink of an eye) which will be out in the next week or so. Full details on dates, and how to get it will be in Pete s next official release video, so watch this space!!!

Published on 21 Apr 2013

Pete continue’s to astound after his locked in stroke and briefly explains what he is doing to keep fighting the odds on a daily basis

Published on 14 Apr 2013

After my locked in stroke took my life away. I am slowly grabbing it all back.

Published on 19 Jan 2013

After 18 months my right toe has a bit of movement I have to concentrate hard but its like my thumb I will just keep going now and the connection should only get stronger, my advice is to keep trying to move even if you cant some times the muscle is so week its not strong enough to move the finger or lym but it may be working ,,keep on trying……

Published on 6 Jan 2013

18 Months on and Petes life is improving. His push, obsessive behaviour and shear determination helped him achieve his target of walking down the isle with his beautiful wife Jade. This target was all he thought about while being completley paralysed. proving there are smiles even after a deadly stroke that nearly took his life again.

Published on 7 Dec 2012

Pete trys to show how he is committed to regaining strength after being completely paralysed from a stroke and suffering locked in syndrome.

Published on 14 Sep 2012

Pete coghlan gets back on the road in a bob cat, wheely training just for laughs,

Published on 25 Aug 2012

My fitness area for working out at home with the simplest of equipment. beating locked in syndrome and hopefully educating others or even just giving hope.

Published on 15 Aug 2012

Pete Coghlan talking about Medical equipment Australia comfy stim (stimulus) the one we are using in the video was bought from
Please note speak to your physio about placement on your own body.

Published on 8 Aug 2012

Peter Coghlan with an update on his progress over the past months, hopefully to inspire others world wide or even to keep up moral of others fighting this ordeal

Published on 28 Jun 2012

Even though Pete is recovering and constantly pushing, this interview explains only part of the battle he endured on his quest and proves what can be overcome with determination and pride

Published on 29 May 2012

Pete attempts to walks 7K in order to raise money for his friend Ryan Marron and his wife Toni. Lets see what happens.

Published on 29 May 2012

Pete Coghlans is interviewed by Howard Sattler in Australia about his progress but more importantly his walk to help his friend Ryan Marron

Uploaded on 27 Jan 2012

Here is a video clip of my first steps in the pool, Outside of the pool I can only stand unaided for 1 minute. July 2011

Uploaded on 27 Jan 2012

With the use of a nose clip, I am able to talk quietly about my stroke (locked in syndrome)
September/October, 5 months after my stroke.

Uploaded on 27 Jan 2012

After months of not being able to stroke my dog Cody, On the 17th of July on my first over night stay at home, I got to throw the ball for him albeit not very far, But it was fabulous being able to play his favourite game with him once again. Therapy for the both of us I think…

This was a big thing then cleaning while standing,jade soon got me on dishes. i have come along way since,and a long way to go,i dont think i will ever stop ,i want to say to anyone going through this,if you get conections you can fight your way back,but its a hard hard road hours weeks months of repetition,and not a hour a day more like five but thats only because i am inpatient i have always been,god bless you in your recovery.

Uploaded on 27 Jan 2012

Pete talking July 2011 three and a half months after his basal ganglia stroke, which left him with locked in Syndrome, Told by doctors he would never move more than his eyes again, here is a true fighter and who will show the world with determination and a passion for life you can break out of locked in syndrome.

Uploaded on 9 Jan 2012

Pete Coghlans luck is changing. The best stroke hes had so far, First time out truly AWESOME!!!!!!!

Uploaded on 6 Jan 2012

Pete Coghlans last week in Shenton Park Rehabilitation Centre. This video dedicated to Alisha my physio always making me laugh through the worst days of my life.

Uploaded on 5 Jan 2012

After being locked in for 8 months, Pete speaks to help inspire others

Uploaded on 5 Jan 2012

Pete back on his boat for the first time since his major brain stem stroke 9 months ago. Nothing is going to beat him!!!

Uploaded on 3 Jan 2012

Pete driving for the first time exercising his lead foot so he can soon be back on the road. Watch out!!

Uploaded on 2 Jan 2012

Since walking out of Shenton Park, two months on and Pete is back keeping busy in his garden doing what he loves. More updates soon. Stay tuned!!

Uploaded on 10 Oct 2011

Heineken… the beer that refreshes the part other beer’s cant.

Uploaded on 26 Sep 2011

Peter Coghlan beating all the odds. After having a massive brain stem stroke and having locked in syndrome. 6 months on and Pete walks out of Shenton park rehabilitation centre in Perth to continue his quest at home.

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