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  1. Dear Peter,
    You have been an inspiration to many people. Would it be possible to talk to you about your book and locked in syndrome?
    Thank you
    Kind regards

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  2. Dear Peter

    We met at our local shopping centre a few weeks ago and, after what merely started as a pleasant exchange from one store’s customer to another, I found myself enthralled in the story of a friendly stranger (although, as it turns out, we live in the same area and even go to the same gym!).

    What I heard, first hand, was one of the most awe-inspiring stories of human ability, faith and drive that I have ever been exposed to.

    Many times since, I have thought about what you and Jade have been through and it frightened me because it happened to someone as fit, young, positive, happy and capable as yourself. The cause of your stroke happened so simply, started so suddenly and took its toll very rapidly. Yet the recovery has been mentally, emotionally and physically grueling.

    It meant that it could happen to ANYONE, ANYTIME.

    You are so easy and interesting to listen to – not only because of all that you have been through and conquered, but because you have such an enviable sense of humour about EVERYTHING. You certainly show no bitterness to what life has thrust at you and you certainly haven’t let it stop your climb!

    Yourself and Jade are a walking, talking ‘Success Story’ and I feel very privileged to have met you.

    Thank you for generously sharing your story with the world – I am about to place an order for your book and I’m looking forward to its arrival. More importantly, thank you for sharing your time, courage and encouragement with those that are suffering or enduring these experiences.

    Your life changed ‘in the blink of an eye’ and now you are using your life to open the eyes of others.

    With sincere admiration

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    • Rebecca
      Thankyou so much for your lovely comment, this last tree years have been a journey I would never ever imagined I would walk
      It’s was frightening , soul distroying
      Humiliating , frustrating time
      I probably ever go though !!!
      ( I pray !! )
      I hoped by writing about my nightmare
      Would help others going through it
      And let others realise just how lucky they have it , and how you life can just change that quickly
      Hope I can inspire many others
      Living with strokes or other battles they might be faceing
      The message I would like to be spread
      All over this spinning globe
      Is do not stop trying , don’t allways take to heart what you are told
      Believe in your self , don’t believe what others have been told they know
      If you want it bad enough
      Things can change
      Keep trying stay hungry , don’t stop fighting
      EVER !!!

      I would love to see ya again one day Rebecca ( hopfully in the gym )


    • Oh, Peter.

      I’m not really one for social media – including texts or emails.

      I am sorry to go MIA on you.

      Life has delivered some blows in the past year, but none quite like the one that the universe planted on you. So, I feel guilty for not riding the storm as well as you have.

      I ought to have paid more attention to your teachings, as I believe it would have pulled me out of my dark time a lot faster.

      Thank you for reaching out. I’m sure we’ll meet again.

      In fact, when I can return to the gym again, I will be sure to let you know. Perhaps late April 2015.

      In the meantime, blessed be, my powerful and self-less friend.


      Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2015 16:01:32 +0000 To: ethertwist@live.com.au

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  3. Hi Pete
    Just us watching your blog! Amazing work and so emotional

    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to us

    Much love and looking forward to hearing from you xx

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  5. Hey, Peter.
    Have not had access to a car for over a year (car accident), so getting to the gym has been painfully out of reach. Have recently acquired an old bicycle which will get me to the gym in 20mins – as opposed to the 45mins it takes via public transport – and it looks as though I will be back on the floor more often. Fingers crossed, perhaps even this evening for a BodyAttack class.
    I’m catching up with emails and will take the opportunity to check out what’s been happening for you on your website.
    It would be great to catch up, so let me know when you’re heading to the gym next and I’ll try to meet with you to sort something out.
    Take care out there.

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      • Have been easing off the gym
        Only cos I gotta train on my legs for this 15 k walk in November
        Trampolining abit
        Using the stepper in goodlife
        And lots of stretching !!
        And simple foot lift on my bed
        I have started to work a bit so that’s training too in my little business !!


      • Hi Peter
        There’s NO WAY I would have (not “of” btw) asked for a lift. I don’t like to ask anyone for help. But it is nice of you to offer.
        Aiming to join the BodyPump class tonight (18:00) but you may not recognise me – I’ve cut my hair and put on about 8 kilos! But, hey! I still have 3 months until Summer to get things back together, right?
        Seems like you’ve been keeping busy! I’m so glad.
        It will be good to catch up.


      • Ok see you outside
        Don’t ride
        Email me or ring me
        I emailed you already !!
        You getting em ?
        Email me if not intheblinkofaneye@hotmail.co.uk
        And don’t worry about your weight
        I put on 20 kilos after my illness
        Took two years to get rid
        I know you , with abbs like you had
        Tells me you have a strong mind
        You’ll be sweet mate
        Bad times pass x
        See you there
        Not training today big day yesterday
        Feel like I had 12 rounds with rocky
        Ring me if you wanna lift ok !!!!


  6. Hi Peter 😘heard your interview on the radio today and you are inspirational ✌🏿️😜you are just what I needed -I had 4 strokes in 2013 –the last one being a cerebral hemourage–spent 2weeks in SCGH and then 5 months in Shenton Pk — most of the staff were caring but it was a terribly scary stressful time and I do know what you mean about getting embarrassed– I was so glad to go home — my husband has been a fantastic support physically and emotionally despite having his own health problems !! At the moment I’m struggling with “what’s the point ” “why me ” I loved my work and playing sport but can’t do either of those !!


    • Hi Lyndall, thanks for commenting. I’, glad you got something from my interview. Re-living it caused me anxiety today, but it’s gone now. The memories stay with you forever, so I try to look forward all the time….but that did re-open old wounds! When it gets you down, that’s the time you need to put music on, eat bananas and move whatever you can. It’s so easy to curl up and cry. Keep fighting. Never surrender – EVER! Thanks for taking the time!


  7. Just listened to your story peter. I am so touched by your every word. You are so inspirational. Keep up the good work on yourself .
    I have my husband at home with locked in syndrome and for six years we have tried all sorts. As you mentioned rehab does not fit all, but we keep pushing on. Everyone is different with different challenges . But it doesn,t mean you give up. It changes everything but you find strength in areas you didn,t know exsisted . I mean that from a wife /carers side of things as well as the loved one who is in the situation.
    Keep fighting on Doreen


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