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My Recent Radio Interview

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The art of the possible

Well I thought I would share a quick video with you that demonstrates the art of the possible. I am not showing off just proving that this can be overcome and once more your life can be restored to its former glory!

A little video update from me…

Keep trying and keep the hope. Don’t ever give up.

Even when you think you’re nearly there, there’s still a long way to go. But you have to keep waking up and keep doing the best you can. Keep trying and keep the hope. Don’t ever give up.

Peter Coghlan gives an insight into his inspirational recovery from locked in syndrome where he was completely paralysed. This video shows what he put himself through!!

Enjoying life again with Justin Moorhouse and my mates


Justin Moorhead, Pete & Dan

On a trip to UK after recovering from locked-in stroke (one of the most horrific experiences anyone could undergo), I met one of my comedy heroes while enjoying a meal at a local pub in Werneth with some childhood mates. Left to right: Justin Moorhouse from the hit TV series ‘Phoenix Nights’ (with Peter Kay) and the ‘Comedy Roadshow’, me, Dan Hodson and Peter Evison who designed and built this website!

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