Sharpening my pen along with my pecs…

…for life after Locked-in

Today I made a decision! My book “In the Blink of an Eye” is only half the story. Now I feel the time is right for me to chart the rest of it, so over the next few months I’ll be taking to the keyboard again continuing my epic battle back to life after locked-in stroke..

My fight back has been a phenomenal journey of raw aggression, fueled by pain, loss, poverty, rejection, emotion, depression, self-loathing, loss of self worth…and virtual mental breakdown – to name but a few!


Through struggle, perseverance, persistence, dedication, obsession & prayer I got back to myself in 2017 😠

I’m now in a very healthy & strong-minded period of my life again  –  and have been for a year or so now.

During my recovery from locked-in syndrome, I’ve tried never to moan, even when I was so poor I could only just afford to keep my half-converted tin garage over my head – where crickets jumping on my head while I slept 🐜became the norm.

But still I was grateful”💜 I got down on my knees and prayed for the strength to keep focused and true to my spirit, hoping my tears at the time would help me find a way! And somehow I found the strength to train at the gym year after year, trying not to let the personal trainers see the tears as I trained hard to the strains of Eminem and other inspirational music 😓 I’d lost a part of myself  and the life I used to have.

I also walked over 1000 k🏃round Perth’s northern suburbs, dragging my bad leg behind me, falling more than once and badly cutting myself, yet finding the strength to crawl to a lampost where I could pull myself up and carry on!

Years of pool movements staring at concrete walls for hours thinking of rocky movies 

Nothing will stop me from unleashing myself from years of helplessness and vulnerability. Through attending the gym and training privately at home, I’ve become a man I never expected – a better stronger man emotionally, mentally and, over the next few years physically!👊 Warren, my additional trainer, has already challenged me to a 21k half marathon (thanks Warren!)

I will not stop. I’ve come too far to give up now and I hope my words reach far n wide!
Proving that from the depths of hell in your life, if you really give everything you have, and MORE! You can fight back!

With hard training  and a lot of writing for the next few months, I’m more focused than ever in my life before!

Sorry for missing anyone’s posts, tweets, messages and comments! Please stay safe n focused!

This song is my fight song atm, but everything is good in my life again. Remember: Even if your world falls apart, never EVER stop pushing! 💣

Kings Never Die by Eminem with Gwen Stefani