An ‘In the Blink of an Eye’ Goodbye – from Peter Coghlan

Well, a decision has to be made. I am sick of living on my own and it’s time to make changes……

With my 40th fast approaching, I’m moving in with a friend, putting all my stuff in storage and going on my first ever cruise.

This is the start of a new chapter in my life…..a new beginning…..I’m making it happen! 👊

The pain and suffering in my life has slowly disappeared through hard work, obsessive behaviour and my stubborn belief in a better tomorrow.

I would never have dreamed I’d be taking my mum on a cruise after her radiotherapy treatment.  And after having gone through cancer myself, then brainstem stroke and LIS I reckon we both deserve a break. Thanks to my new job, I saved a bit of money for this amazing treat. Whooohoo!

I feel very proud and lucky to have found the strength to get my body going again – from a blink & 1/2 a millimetre flicker in my right thumb to where I am now!

Although I have further goals to achieve, today’s the day I start living again…after riding the lightning for too bloody long!
“I am ready”👊

This may well be the last ever post on my blog as I move forward with my private life!

I hope anyone else with stroke, ABIs or personal battles can benefit from my story in some way….sometimes ‘evidence-based collective medical information’ can be challenged!  That’s all I wanted to prove and to give others hope.

That being said I’m so proud of the medical system and the first class treatment I received to give me a chance to rise again. Do not confuse this with a cure; it’s been bloody hard work! The struggle…the tears …pneumonia…pillow pushing…learning to talk…learning to walk..the endless knocks and falls…learning to drive…work…divorce…education!

I’m now a support worker in disability in the community (think that’s a first from a locked-in syndrome survivor) and who knows where this road will take me!

My obsession from day one has got me here. From waking with no eyesight, hearing the doctors say, “He may need a peg feed – it’s too early to tell,” I refused to accept my fate.

I’ve come out a different man that’s obvious, but I like me now more, I think! I guess I still have confidence issues and a lot more goals to work on, but that’s to be understood. In time I WILL grow even stronger!

Thank you for following my unbelievable story; I hope my life, above all, has peace now.

Before I go off sailing on my well-earned holiday, I’ve had a video made to motivate others.

Finally, whenever you feel alone in this world, and you can’t see a way forward, just think of my story and keep on punching, guys! Focus hard…get obsessive…use your pain and, most of all, “believe in tomorrow”.


Pete Coghlan signing off, Easter Sunday 2017.  God bless every fighter out there!

Hope you enjoy my video link:

You can still find me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter @PeterCoghlan1




8 thoughts on “An ‘In the Blink of an Eye’ Goodbye – from Peter Coghlan

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  2. Hey Pete 😘😘I was in Shenton Pk when you were there–Cerebral Hemourage- and am still trying- proud of your journey–I know how hard it is 😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thankyou! Think everyone on my fb is petty much seen enough of my story 🙂
      But i hope to reach many more in dark places
      And push on to the best of me ,just to inspire and prove to the people who didn’t think i could !

      Thanks Lyndall find me on fb pete coghlan
      “Hope your doing well “


  3. Peter I met you at the Woodvale Care Centre one Wednesday. You joined our Domino group.
    You have no idea what an impression you made on all of us there with your beautiful nature.
    I got your book on Kindle and really enjoyed reading it.
    My son also read it and was most impressed. His wife is thinking of asking you to give her group of youngsters that she works with, a speech on your experiences.
    We at the Woodvale Care Centre are looking forward to your being there again soon. We really enjoyed your company.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi magi ,yes Woodvale has a special place in my heart ,lovely to meet everyone there !
      Thank you for commenting, nice to hear you enjoyed my story, (i haven’t) haha ,…..”it been the hardest time these last 7 years ”
      Glad my fall can help thousands .

      I would be delighted to speak as i am now actively reaching the community, last month for UWA Tafe disability personal development day . My email is
      Contact me anytime and look forward to seeing you all at woodvale Magi :):):):)

      Lovely to drink my morning cuppa and read your message “thankyou ”

      Pete 🙂


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