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Aquamotion Devotion


This last month I’ve been pushed to my limits as usual. I actually started sinking after losing half my hearing in my right ear!!  (very frightening indeed). This stems back to my building days a few years before my stroke when an SDS hammer drill was used in a concrete room without warning.

Must admit depression was really trying to get to me! No surprise there – it has nearly pulled me under a few times since I emerged from my quadriplegic state after locked-in stroke.

While retraining at college, I was using my brain for a year and my body wasn’t getting serotonin, making me too tired at the end of the day for a physical workout. I hated that part!

On the plus side, I’ve been getting used to a new support role which is keeping me happy and empowered. But…I really felt the need to join a gym, as I was sinking a bit – somewhere with a rehab pool for my weak calf (it’s still giving me the shits but I’m winning).

Anyway…..I found this new gym near my area called AQUAMOTION in Wanneroo, North Perth, which is perfect for me. As well as a rehab pool, it has new machines, including a chin-up assist with multiple grip positions which just glides smooth as butter and really helps my shoulder.

It has a grinder too! Sounds ominous but that’s just a nickname; it’s actually a hand-pedalling machine.  I’ve worked out that when using two arms on the grinder the strong one takes over, so I’m just pedalling with my weak arm only and holding the seat with my other hand. (I had the same problem on the bike, but no way could I use just one leg on that!!)

I’m so buzzing right now! Joining Aquamotion was just the injection I needed to keep focused and mentally stimulated! (Happy injection 😀)

I’m at a new level of my life recovery now. Holding a job down AND being able to train again! That means I’m back almost back to a regular Joe Bloggs – Or should I say to “a regular Pete Cogs”?

This place will be my new church in future – it’s gonna make me stronger and faster👊

You know you hear about these 12-week challenges at gyms? Well … I’ve just finished my half decade and AQUAMOTION is the start of my SECOND decade!


Proud to be smashing it in your gym👊