Certificate 3 in Allied Health Assistance


It’s arrived!!!!

I’ve done it!!

Many said I would never move again!.Others said a high level of care would be needed: ”He may make a few small gains.”

Well….I’m proud to say that I didn’t listen to ANYBODY!!! I just pushed and pushed and never stopped looking forward. Forward-forward-forward!!!!

And here I am with my Certificate 3 in Allied Health Assistance!! Proof, if any were needed that there IS life after Locked-in!

Every millimetre! From getting every spoonful of porridge to my mouth…to pushing pillows in bed with my legs (Wow, that was so hard!)

The first stand…to first step…to over 1,000kms! I wanted Pete back!

Many people left my side, probably a good thing as I was in a different world, a different mind frame!  It’s like adrenaline for years!

All my training and discipline over my life helped, I think – my sense of humour especially 🙂 – though there were more tears than laughter, I promise you that)

But yes!!! I DID IT!!!!!!!! Whoowhooooo!

I think I’m the first man in history (at least in Australia) to have broken out of Locked-in syndrome and bounced back into health care as an Assistant Therapist!

Yet this is no power trip. This is very important….many stroke and brain injury survivors are still in dark places trying to battle their way home.

My message: I can’t give you my strength, as I’ve very little left in life after this, but I have shared my journey from the  start, hoping to prove to you that if you’re 100% committed to getting there, you will make gains. I didn’t even have the new clot-busting drug either!

I pray my story gives fuel and hope around this (sometimes) cruel world!

Remember my words and challenge everything!  Sometimes the experts and people at the top only know what they are taught – just like the rest of us!

Human Will is still the Boss!

Thanks also for a great Health Service, Australia! I urge the government not to cut nurses’ jobs health care costs; from what I can see, the system struggles enough.

God bless all in the health services! My heroes!!


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