They thought I’d need care for life. Instead I’M the carer!


3.30am and still awake, remembering the excitement of yesterday!!!!

Yesterday was a special day indeed for me, a day when dreams and thousands of little goals finally became reality!!!
I applied for a job in care in the community last week (not expecting to get it of course)
After my story confidence in the work force in a new career isn’t my strong point.

Would rather not mention where, but blow me down I got it!!! Well… part time hours to begin with, but anyway it’s the little break I needed.

The day started with smashing an assignment at my college, and then I got the unexpected phone call! The news was the best I’d had in months and welcomed by the whole community care group – me, from a “blink with no hope” to a job helping disabilities in the community!!!

Me !!! Wowhooooo!!!!!

39 and starting again wasn’t really my life’s plan of course – ha ha – but I’m so happy right now (if I was rich in money  couldn’t be happier.)
I have always considered myself an underdog of life- a struggling failure at school,  cancer, then stroke – but just lately I feel I can do anything!

I am not an underdog; I am a English-cum-Aussie pit bull of life. And I’m winning it back!
They thought I would need a high level of care for the rest of my life but, through my defiance I am gonna GIVE care for the rest of my life!! And I’m just getting started!

Never listen to what you’re told you can’t do: Can’t is as it says “Can with a ” T” for Told ya so!!!!!!”