Taking the plunge! Back to school and learning new strokes.



No matter how old I get, I still get anxious when it comes to classrooms. From pre-school to college, it never sits well; I would prefer to do anything else but paperwork!! Always been the same!!!

Tomorrow is my second semester at college. It was meant to be just 6 months, but I was struggling with the whole speed of things.

Focusing for 6 hours in class then homework n assignments, plus the odd presentation on body parts – I couldn’t keep up! I felt stupid!!! But I have to remember nobody else has been through what I have and come back from a coma, so I might be going back with new people. But I’m still trying to give it a crack.

After working at Aegis Retirement Home I’ve learned that an Occupational Therapy Assistant may not quite be the path for me, so I’m gonna try Disability next and gain volunteer experience there!

Either way, I need my Certificate 3 to move forward, and I must complete this bloody course!!!

God willing (& Pete willing) I WILL!


2 thoughts on “Taking the plunge! Back to school and learning new strokes.

  1. You are an inspiration mate. I noticed a comment on Shauns wall hope you don’t mind me commenting but you definitely have an amazing outlook on life you will find the strength to.finish your course because there is definitely a bigger plan for you. Love,love and most importantly laugh. Where do I get your book


    • Thanks for commenting, i wasn’t sure if i should post this blog as its big for me but may be not interesting to others
      i just document my important moments as i push on
      hoping someone will benefit from following.
      As for my book
      fish pond
      Book topia
      theres loads now ,i cant keep up
      with that side ,jacy brean tries to help on that front for me ( me being a technophobe ) is that spelt right? .
      Best get up ,its 630am
      time to bust out the eggs n oats

      I will send you a signed photo for your book if you email me you address
      hope you enjoy it ,many tell me they do !

      Pete 😀 👍


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