Fat finger syndrome, but still strumming!


Few believed I could hack the army.

I wasn’t sure I could beat cancer.

They said I may never recover from the stroke that left me paralysed, and even if I did, I’d need high care all my life.

Some laughed at me when I said I was going to write a book, with my poor writing and spelling skills.

I was told my fingers were too fat to play guitar.

This blog is to say in the politest way…..



I’m still crap, but I’m still trying. So, never NEVER give up and, if you have a dream, keep kicking till you get results!


Not great, but listen here!

Taking the plunge! Back to school and learning new strokes.



No matter how old I get, I still get anxious when it comes to classrooms. From pre-school to college, it never sits well; I would prefer to do anything else but paperwork!! Always been the same!!!

Tomorrow is my second semester at college. It was meant to be just 6 months, but I was struggling with the whole speed of things.

Focusing for 6 hours in class then homework n assignments, plus the odd presentation on body parts – I couldn’t keep up! I felt stupid!!! But I have to remember nobody else has been through what I have and come back from a coma, so I might be going back with new people. But I’m still trying to give it a crack.

After working at Aegis Retirement Home I’ve learned that an Occupational Therapy Assistant may not quite be the path for me, so I’m gonna try Disability next and gain volunteer experience there!

Either way, I need my Certificate 3 to move forward, and I must complete this bloody course!!!

God willing (& Pete willing) I WILL!


Batting back into the swing!

Peter tennis ball

I feel the need to document my rehab in the hope somebody somewhere might benefit. Although I’m pretty sure regular everyday people are sick of my ‘Eye’ on Facebook and how I write about stuff, I really wanted to share my new goal with you.

I’ve taken on a lot this last year: Guitar playing, study, trampolining – all quite impossible it seemed until I actually tried. No doubt about it, I’ve overcome massive MASSIVE challenges since waking from coma after the brainstem stroke which left me locked-in – from learning to breathe air again, swallowing, getting my eyes moving from left to right, bowel and prostate problems, eating food without choking to death, talking again, movement, walking, emotional control and so on and on and on…If you’ve read my book you’ll know all that!

But this is about my present stage and my latest goal that I really REALLY think is gonna be amazing for my rehab:


Since my recovery began, I’ve tried many things to rehabilitate myself; most of which I’ve found (at least for me) were best on my own after hospital, as I don’t take to well to disciplined regimes – I need to take control Haha! Can’t help it.

This swing ball tennis is s-o-o-o hard after stroke; frustrating is too kind a word.

Gym, trampolining and walking can only do so much. For my arms I need reaction, speed and coordination back! So I’ve set myself up for some frustrating months ahead, it seems, the ball is so hard to hit. It Hits my knuckles more that the bat! But for improving my stance and strengthening my legs, hand, arm and eye-coordination, nothing comes close, I tell ya!

Best 12 dollars I’ve spent this year, I think!

Had to share this, as I know holding the bat on my bad side and gripping hard is still a challenge yet it will help for sure. So, if you’re at that stage of your rehab, feel ready for a challenge and can put up with the bruises, this is by far the swing ball to the next level! But please approach with caution until you get into the swing!!!

It’s hard, but I feel ready! And though I’m no Andy Murray (yet!) I’m convinced that trying will “set me free”!

Keep batting, strokies!