Signing off at Goodlife Kingsway Gym. Thanks Buddies! You’re the best!!

Pete & staff at Goodlife gym

I hate to be a big girl about this!!! But this week I left Goodlife Kingsway Gym!!…..”My  church !!… salvation!! “… way out from this locked-in war!!”

I don’t wanna disrespect the church by saying that, but it was. I prayed more in there than anywhere and held back a lot of tears through my fight with my limbs and my divorce – not to mention poverty!!! That’s always fun of course!

Over the last 4.5 years I put a shit load of hours into that place, I tell ya – pain, sweat n tears, with bucket loads of focus.  Two years of pool till I could get upstairs to the gym. Even then it was the cross trainer for 6 months…. I used to look at everyone on all these machines n dream of using ‘em someday, And I did!!! All except the big bloke corner!!!

4.5 years of the same staff really connected me to ‘em, for sure! They’re probably thinking, “Thank God for that – Pete’s left! Yay!!!!

I’ve just moved house with help from my Dad and his wife Noi (thank you x). “A change is as good as a break,” they say. Well, I needed it!!!  I’ve seen every crack on the streets, and entered the gym that many time I swear the door hinges are loose!!

New area, new start, new gym. A whole fresh outlook….it’s a bit overdue I think!

I’ll miss ‘em all and, even though this half decade was hell, the people I’ve met through it are now embedded in my heart! The right staff makes a good gym and I sure had the best!!!  (in my totally unbiased opinion, of course – Hahaha!)

On my last day, I found out who donated my 10 free lessons too! Never guessed it either –  it was a guy I’d d known in the gym called Anthony Carcione (sneaky sod!!) Thank you so much mate! I didn’t know what to say!!  People in this world are amazing but you only find out who they are when you fall!!! I owe ya a big steak, buddy!

Thanks for the pain, Cheri – my personal trainer towards the end, but I’m grateful to all the staff sorry I can’t name you all; there are too many of you, but you know I will do anything for you all – Just ask me!

Privileged to know each and every one of you, truly!! So, to all at Goodlife Kingsway, Pete is signing off & signing out with a cheesecake of love coming right at ya! xxx

Pete - cake for goodlife gym

Thanks a million!


4 thoughts on “Signing off at Goodlife Kingsway Gym. Thanks Buddies! You’re the best!!

  1. Adios Pete x im on a challenge but forced myself to eat a slice of that yummy Cheesecake x You will be missed and we are all so Impressed and inspired by your dedication and huge efforts plus Achievements x Enjoy uour next chaptrr and stay Happy x woopwoop – Zowie x


  2. Keep on keeping on Pete you inspire me and others there are many people who are pessimists out there and your enormous optimism and achievements keep me free from the naysayers and well done again Pete don’stop


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