Thanks Richard Fidler and ABC Radio! Helping the injured to help themselves

To ” D” man – Richard Fidler!!!

Pete & Richard Fiddler ABC Radio

…and all at ABC, thanks for bringing my story to your listeners out there. I hope my experience with locked-in stroke will make people fight. There can be a lot of gains with a drive to get well – and the determination to never give in.

I would like to change the world and its view on the way we think about stroke. I fully believe that we should be given the right to fix our injuries with a specialised gym. Regular people have a gym in every town but, I ask you, what is there for the millions of people recovering from injury? Physio that not everyone can afford.

A place to train would be great with equipment that’s specifically designed for rehab, such as pulley systems – lightweight machines with counter weights. We deserve the right to fix ourselves.  I had to take chances by trying to walk to my gym; I fell badly a few times and had to climb up a lamppost to get back on my feet! But I’ve proved that some people are able to fight back and in 6 months’ time I’ll be a trained assistant therapist who can pay 30 years of tax. Had I not got myself rehabilitated, it would be 30 years of benefits!!

I just feel there’s a very important area here which we’re overlooking. A massive percentage of people want the opportunity to get their lives back – and get back to work. After graduating from Out-patients we may need up to a lifetime of recovery….hopefully someone shares my passion to give the human race a fighting chance!

‘Cos a lot want to fight back!

Thanks Richard for helping to get the message out there!

Thanks ABC

You can listen to my interview with Richard here:


11 thoughts on “Thanks Richard Fidler and ABC Radio! Helping the injured to help themselves

  1. I need to contact you Peter. My Name is Maria Gabriela Escobar, I am from Venezuela, I am living now in Brisbane. My husband had an stroke exactly like you. I was listening your interview and I was just looking my husband through your words. My husband is still at the hospital after 1 year. Just 2 months ago he started a formal rehab. We have 2 beautiful kids, 7 and 6 years old, and everytime I see them I just feel like it is not fair that they grown without daddy. Please contact me at 0478678906.


  2. Hi Peter, I listened to your conversation today on ABC podcast and it was so inspiring. I can’t stop thinking of you and everything you have over come . I wish you nothing but the best for your future recovery and happy life.


  3. Fantastic conversation. Great to hear you talk so honestly about your story. I can identify with the powerlessness to some extent (20 operations including some absurdly embarrassing tests performed in front of people in my early 20s). Sounds like you have done an amazing job. Well done.


  4. Hi peter I really enjoyed listening to your story on abc conversations. As a nurse it opened my eyes to what stroke patients go through. I wish you all the best, you will go a long way with that determination.


    • I love nurses
      They just want to learn / care

      Thanks so much for listening anna
      Hope you become an elite nurse
      Like my nurses now at foina stanley
      Ward A , its nurses like you that listen that change the world
      God bless ya anna x


    • Thankyou all so much for comenting
      i am sure i haven’t replied to everyone (to be honist i am a hopeless
      ) sorry
      computers! !! Still v getting to grips
      but i love to get on now n then and read your coments
      so thankyou very much for your time to say a few words 👍


  5. You are such a spunk, Pete. So much determination. I love that, but just don’t let it eat you alive. Remember life is everything. Enjoy everything. Little things. You inspire a lot of people, but don’t forget to be inspired, OK???


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