Thanks Richard Fidler and ABC Radio! Helping the injured to help themselves

To ” D” man – Richard Fidler!!!

Pete & Richard Fiddler ABC Radio

…and all at ABC, thanks for bringing my story to your listeners out there. I hope my experience with locked-in stroke will make people fight. There can be a lot of gains with a drive to get well – and the determination to never give in.

I would like to change the world and its view on the way we think about stroke. I fully believe that we should be given the right to fix our injuries with a specialised gym. Regular people have a gym in every town but, I ask you, what is there for the millions of people recovering from injury? Physio that not everyone can afford.

A place to train would be great with equipment that’s specifically designed for rehab, such as pulley systems – lightweight machines with counter weights. We deserve the right to fix ourselves.  I had to take chances by trying to walk to my gym; I fell badly a few times and had to climb up a lamppost to get back on my feet! But I’ve proved that some people are able to fight back and in 6 months’ time I’ll be a trained assistant therapist who can pay 30 years of tax. Had I not got myself rehabilitated, it would be 30 years of benefits!!

I just feel there’s a very important area here which we’re overlooking. A massive percentage of people want the opportunity to get their lives back – and get back to work. After graduating from Out-patients we may need up to a lifetime of recovery….hopefully someone shares my passion to give the human race a fighting chance!

‘Cos a lot want to fight back!

Thanks Richard for helping to get the message out there!

Thanks ABC

You can listen to my interview with Richard here: