Goal-setting is another way of saying, “Do it! Keep trying until you can!

I’m running around today – getting references, copying my passport/driver’s licence, updating my CV…. I gotta be ready. My health assistant course must be applied for by December 2nd – Next week!!! So glad David my speechy pulled this course out of the links from Stroke Foundation. I’m also grateful to Zona Rens, lecturer in Health Sciences at Curtin University, who has been an amazing mentor to me.  It just feels so right, like it’s  tailor-made for me after everything I’ve experienced. I now have a passion deeply implanted in my soul, to free others and help their recoveries.
It may take some years to get in to my final area that’s best suited but it’s the first solid direction I’ve had and I’m soooo excited!!! Big time!!! I don’t value money so much after my life; being happy in my soul, a car that starts and a wage I can live on – that’s everything. Well, apart from a healthy lifestyle, of course. I guess my journey is almost complete. I may blog on finishing my course or something, but I’m gonna be very, very busy using the grey matter this next year… So I will leave some final words to anyone who has followed my story:
If you feel you can’t do it, or if you BELIEVE you have no hope, or find yourself alone, don’t give up. With determination, a strong will, discipline and obsession, your life can improve. Every stroke is different and I’m sorry if you can’t achieve all you may wish for , but after my stroke, I found that when I tried and tried and still try, it has and continues to improve.
A lot of people stop trying after years – but you don’t stop growing at 2 years of age. That’s my point: Try, try, try for years upon years – Challenge yourself, push yourself as much as you can, regularly! They’re right about goal-setting – that just another way of saying “Do it!! Keep doing it till ya CAN! Good luck out there! Be strong, eat well, and work your ass off!”
I am Peter Coghlan, signing off. Thanks for following!

3 thoughts on “Goal-setting is another way of saying, “Do it! Keep trying until you can!

  1. You know, I think it’s fairly typical for people affected in this way to get into health as a profession. I did. I had an aneurysm in 2009, and decided after way too long in HR, to study nursing and paramed. I’m so grateful I did. It makes a difference to people’s lives, you realise life is just too damn short and you gotta get in there and help others who may end up the same way. I’m sure you’ll be great, Pete.


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