At 38 a bright new start – thanks to Peedac, the Stroke Foundation & Australia!

Best to come

All my blogs combined could not come close to the excitement of today, and I’ve had some exciting changes through my fight back from a motionless slab of meat!! I was holding off this blog as I wasn’t sure if it was gonna happen! But it has….!!!

After my meeting with a lovely lady called Michelle Perry, an employment
consultant for Peedac, which helps people retrain through courses. Well, have they got a course for me!

You will not BELIEVE this! Only a course to assist therapists! It’s a health care assist course, but it lets me branch off if I choose to do that one day!  Imagine occupational therapy, or speech therapy, or assisting a physio department!! Oh my God!!! After my path! I didn’t see this coming in my life….38 years old and I’m going to be a student!! The course starts in January/Feb 2016, so we have to move quickly!

I am so happy with Australia right now for giving me this opportunity. They help pay for the course, guide me through the whole procedure, and give me some assistance while I study.

Wow this time next year I will have a fully-employed career in health care – as long as I can apply myself, of course! It’s been some years, since I last exercised my grey matter, which hasn’t been worked for a while! Actually, I never did try too hard at school…so many girls to look at, and I still say they stopped me becoming a doctor!

Got loads to sort out – but I’ve already got my office desk ready, so bring it on!!! This is my chance to care and really change lives. Imagine!!!! This is unbelievable! So incredibly happy tonight!!

Might have a cheeky red!! Here’s to the Stroke Foundation for the link they sent me. They really blew me away this time!!

Thank you!!!!


8 thoughts on “At 38 a bright new start – thanks to Peedac, the Stroke Foundation & Australia!

  1. Well the Energiser Bunny is going on in leaps and bounds, so very happy for you Pete have been following you and you are amazing and such an inspiration, couldn’t think of anyone better as a therapist. Lots of love Shirl Banks

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  2. Congratulations Pete you deserve it. You have worked so hard and your an inspiration to many. We know you and more good things are still to come!!
    Love Dean and Rose “The Northern Suburbs Stroke Support Group”


    • Thankyou rose n dean and northern suburbs stroke group
      And her majesty sally allen our fearless leader
      Hope we can change the future for the rising cases in stroke
      And continue to fight for more freely available rehab fertilies after out patients to continue rehab for many further years
      To fix our selfs ( many can fight )
      And need a place with adapted machines
      Pully systems ,counter weights and such , i think it could happen
      I know it cant be free but a subsidized perhaps
      I would use it now still on afew areas
      That i cant use regular weighted machines
      Come on government
      1000 strokes a week in Australia alone
      If they got back to work thats a massive saving and a alot of tax

      We must be given the right to fix our selves
      Its clear now we can get gains with long term rehab
      So please give us fertilies to fight
      Our way back
      Everyone has a local gym
      See my point !
      But were not strong enough
      We need a pre gym ( rehab gym )
      Local , please help us to help our selves

      Thanks northern suburbs for your continued support with my self and the stroke fight for what i see as a right to fight !!!!


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