Dear Cheri…..this guy will never quit!!

This is for Cheri Truscott, my brilliant trainer at Goodlife Gym!


Cheri, some times I feel like I am getting nowhere , I feel I will never get back to full strength!! It can be quite depressing , and I don’t always have the focus, as it’s been so long. I know next year I can improve more n more – I just have to BELIEVE it! – especially with your help. You lift my spirits and assess my weakness with such understanding, and you’re now a big part of my journey….so “Seems you’re stuck with me, mate!”

I know there are many years  ahead and for me the mountain is never ending. But, bit by bit, we will keep  making gains. I have come so far, I must not give up! This time next year I wanna be punching on mitts, buddy! With you on my team, I will not fail;  if it takes another 5 years to get to full strength then so be it, Cheri – this guy will never quit and I fully commit!

I must remember how far I have come and not be too hard on myself. To anyone out there who’s hitting a never ending row of walls, feeling shit, I know how mentally hard is is to continue!!! You need a good positive trainer with experience, like mine!

I feel really lucky to have Cheri Truscott in my corner. If she can train horses, she can train this stallion! Hahaha!
Thanks, mate! You’re amazing!

See you Monday !

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