DID IT!!! Up the Swanee – for the Big Walk!!!


Proud to say today was a great day to be alive, to walk around the beautiful Swan River and, in my opinion, one of the prettiest cities in the world!! Albeit that it’s “small”, Perth is in one of the biggest states in the world – so big, in fact, I think England would fit into Western Australia 36 times!!!

I could not BELIEVE how stunning the view was this morning for me and my Big Walk partner and neurologist Professor David Blacker. David got me into rehab on the strength of my first ‘flicker’ 5 years ago and, without him, I might not have been walking the walk or talking the talk as well as I can now!

I also have to thank my other two comrades, Peter Kirby and Martin Thorsden, who took some fantastic shots along the way as we put the world to rights!

Walking 15k on this truly stunning day was just magic! My leg was stiff for the first 4ks, then my tendon backed off and, although I tripped a couple of times, I didn’t go over!

The last 3k were the worst for me, as my knee was giving me grief, but we did it in a proud time of 4 hours 10 mins – only 10 over my target!! Was rewarded by a big hot dog at the end!

Bloody great challenge. And this time no blisters!! Yes!!!

marathon 2

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