Farewell disability!! Have just received my marching orders!!!

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I wasn’t gonna do a blog so soon, but I only write shit down as I feel it’s important to me, and I like to share good progress stages on my recovery.

If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know I’m doing a 15 k walk next Sunday, so thought I’d give my legs a practice session by walking to my sister Vicky’s home. 7 k away, I reckoned!*

As I packed my bag up with protein, water and bananas, I noticed something as I grabbed my iPod out the car.
Today my disability parking permit ran out. 


I never ever thought about being a regular everyday Joe Blogs driver again….Whowhooo!!! That’s the skip in my step today as set off.

Now, I hate the fact others haven’t got to my stage…….Yet!!!!! The reason I do my blogs and progress my recovery is in the hope others may be defiant and push ahead regardless. If I can do it from two blinking eyes, I’m hoping you people out there can push for more too!!

God bless all who share my passion; to push boundaries and bend the rule books!!
“We will never surrender!” As the great man himself said.

Winston Churchill.


*I need to practice my maths, never mind my legs!! The 7 k to my sisters turned out to be 10.5 k!! Yet I did it in 3 hours 20, so might just make it next week in the 4 hours. My feet were burning, but my foot’s lifting better, which fills me with confidence!

Yes!!!! I can do that time, I’m sure of it ! 4.5 I was aiming for – so yes ! Yes ! Yes !
Let’s do this !!!!!

Update! 5th November 2015

Here are my marching orders!

Having spoken to the PMH Foundation yesterday, the upshot is the following:

  • Registration starts as early as 7.00am on Sunday morning at the Burswood Park
  • We can begin walking from 7.00am if we want
  • Water stations open from 7.30am onwards, as do the toilets
  • The Big Walk will be clearing up between 12-12.30pm, which leaves some 5hrs – 5hrs 30mins to complete the 15km walk
  • There is a 200m-300m ‘detour’ around the Elizabeth Quay development to accommodate when we get the other side of the Narrows Bridge
  • The weather is looking like sunny with a min of 14 and max of 26 degrees

PS. I won’t be needing THIS anymore!!

disability licence

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