Chilled beer over Sunday lunch? Noooo!! Let’s do a 15k marathon!!

image (57)

Next Sunday, I’m doing a 15k walk in Perth with my neurologist buddy Professor David Blacker, so thought I’d better get planning. While looking at the logistics, I realised we may have a problem – 2 problems, actually!!
First, the walk must be completed in 3-4 hours!!
Second, there’s a freeway on the route!!
Sure, there’s an underpass or maybe they close a lane or two during the walk; this is yet to be confirmed!!
But, as for the time limit!! Ah well, here’s Plan B….If I go over time, then it’s a public path, I believe, so I can just do it in my own time which just means they’ll be no water points.

And another plus, the weather’s looking okay for the event…. high twenties, so I can cope with that!!
Heat was my big worry, but now my mind’s at rest and I can looking forward to giving my legs a good hammering!!

I might just surprise myself. After all, I’ve trained a lot the last few years so might do it in the 4 hours, although I highly doubt it. Still, I’m thinking positive!!  It’s got me this far damn it!!

A simple  Sunday lunch?!! Chilled beer on the verandah?!! Noooo lets do a 15 k marathon!!
What wrong with me?! Hahaha

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