Rocky lives in my soul!!


OMG!! This week I have really felt like my old self, something I never thought would happen – Ever!!!

I do this thing where every morning I try to march on the spot, little baby marches while I brush my teeth. And my legs are bending a bit more every week. Surprising how little movements done regularly can build strength and flexibility. I will be Thai boxing next, hahaha!

Seriously, I’m in training right now for my 15k walk with my neurologist Professor David Blacker and Peter Kirby, Head of Education at Rehabilitation – my brothers in arms (well, on this occasion, legs!) Good to know they’ll be there ‘cos this could be a bit much for me if the sun’s angry. Sometimes it can be mid to high 30s this time of the year! “Oh please, God, give me some cloud cover!! Please!!!” I will take electrolytes and energy bars, but wonder if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew this time. It’s getting pretty damn warm in Perth! Well, for a pom like me!

Meanwhile, I’ve been hitting the squat machine and kicking my legs like mad in the pool. Also foot lifts (as I still have a little drop foot). But I’m so keen to bust my record of 12k!! And next year, I want to be doing my first run! I’m not gonna quit. Someone said “I think you’ve come as far as you can now ey!!”

Well, that was it!!!!! They said it!! That’s just the fuel I needed ! NO ONE SAYS I CAN’T! Please God, let me show ’em. Pete hasn’t even started, dammit! Arrrrrrrrrrrrr

Rocky lives in my soul !!!


4 thoughts on “Rocky lives in my soul!!

  1. Yay training for 15 K! More about the shoes? I hope each of us, can laugh inside when someone says as stupid, and heartless a thing as ‘I think you’ve come as far as you can.” It’s not a degenerative disease but a neuroregenerative condition. People say the stupidest things. There is a young (30s) man in my town i want to get the story of, Just guessing a stroke survivor of a year. He was running, waving at me from the side of the road. i keep an extra copy of your book to give away to more hospitals and libraries.… best to you julie >


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