Struggling with depression? Take to the water!


pete swimming

Somehow I have kept my mind together over these past years. I have wrestled with my brain day after day, wrestling with depression, rejection, vulnerability. I have sobbed every day for years until only a short time ago.

These days I know when it’s coming over me, when the blood begins to boil, and it’s very tempting to curl up in a little ball and lie there and think deep thoughts about the future or the past! You start telling yourself this will never end. You’re never sure!

All I do when the devil starts whispering negative things in my ear is grab my towel and go to the water, sometimes for hours! I take banana and a protein bar, go to the water and hide until I start thinking better. Just making that move there n then can stop you sliding, can stop the negativity.

Keeping positive is one of the biggest battles I’ve had (besides moving again!) People who follow me on this website must think, ‘Oh he’s been lucky.’

Yes, I have!! I’m lucky to be alive, like you. But, my God, I have struggled – financially, mentally, emotionally. Yet I keep fighting, ‘cos what’s the alternative? No thanks, I don’t fancy giving in!!

You must find that inner strength. You must learn when you’re slipping, and right there n then eat great power foods, put them tunes on or, if you can, take to the water, like me. (I’m a cancer, a crab – that’s maybe why.)

The point I’m trying to make is – I really feel it’s my positivity and my ability to keep it topped up which has helped me beat my stroke. It’s still a fight at times but mostly I have got ME back, or the new me!

Please stay strong, stay in a positive mind-frame and watch for the potholes. They will try and knock it out of you.

Remember you were chosen because you are strong enough!!

God bless all you fighters!!


One thought on “Struggling with depression? Take to the water!

  1. Depression is a DAILY struggle; it takes hard work to overcome it but there is hope. For anyone suffering from depression, I recommend the James Gordon’s Destroy Depression System from He is a former depression & PTSD sufferer, and teaches 7 natural steps which he used to cure his own depression and has helped thousands.


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