OK, there’s clearly a need for this blog, as some people aren’t getting the same support or just don’t know about it.

After talking to a fellow locked-in stroke mate in New Zealand, I learned he hasn’t a clue what a dictus was. I suppose I wouldn’t have known about it either but for the Australian Health Service who supplied me with one – and good on Alisha, my brilliant physiotherapist ; she made sure I got everything!

I noticed when I first walked I had a bit of foot drop, a condition caused by lying in bed too long. If the feet aren’t supported by a pillow or something the foot drops from having no muscle, then the tendon loses its elasticity, causing it to shorten. This should be monitored in my opinion, as, on trying to walk, the patient may find it near enough impossible!!! Any medical person or organisation reading this should PLEASE take note!!

Anyway, this dictus goes round your ankle and is held  in place by a strap with Velcro. A band from the dictus goes to your trainer. Best way for me to explain it is by the photos below.

Now, there’s also an ankle float I’ve found to be amazing in the hydrotherapy pool.* It got me lifting my leg, rotating the leg for my hip joints and lifting my foot to my ass. It’s taken a long time to get everything going – hours upon hours for two years! But it’s worked!

I always say you must put the hours in! Nothing in this world comes without hard work – hard, HARD work!!

Please remember that, guys. You don’t just try it for a month and then give up!

I was given the float as a gift, so I can’t say exactly where it came from. Sorry, all I know is it came from an aquatics supply company – look on the net. Well worth the effort – It WORKS!

At first I could only move a bit but, with constantly trying, it has got me there. Now it’s just a fight against gravity…..GRAVITY, I WILl DEFY YOU, DAMN IT!


Hope this helps someone out there – *and please don’t use the float until you’re ready for water therapy! I’m trying to help here. Not drown anyone! Haha!

image1 image2 image3image4

5 thoughts on “GRAVITY, I WILL DEFY YOU!

    • That’s two in 24 hours
      Let’s see how many didn’t
      ( please Coment anyone that’s found this useful
      I should set up shop
      No am so glad the message just gets out there
      And I sent mine today to nick in newzealand
      Hope it gives you an inch mate
      Some times that’s all you need
      To pick the toe up !
      Never loose that fighting spirit
      It some day will set you free !!


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