Don’t listen to doubters! Where there’s a will there’s a way!


I felt a little guilty after posting my recent pictures, as I know there’s so many out there still battling. But the pictures were to show people following my story just how far I have come. These are proud pictures for me, as I know just how hard the pain has been to get here.

Millions of memories of my past….Some cut me very deep. Some drove me. A lot I try to forget, but never will. Each memory has shaped me into the man I am today. I have learned much more than I wanted to learn in this life. I hope the future can show me healing and continued peace.


Spring is coming here in Perth; the blue skies are returning, filling me with a new fresh attitude. I will go on pushing myself day by day and continue to tell my story in the hope that it fuels other recoveries while helping people learn more about strokes; how they can destroy lives. But Will…..strong Will….can overcome those daily battles – from eating to walking.

Please continue to try out there. It may seem like you’ll never improve but hopefully my story, the book and my blogs will  prove to you that where there’s a will there’s a way!  Don’t listen to doubters!!! Just listen to your mind and keep plugging away. Stop when YOU wanna stop.

I hope sharing my deepest thoughts and videos along the way have helped you somehow. My life has been open to you for over 4 years and now I’ like to hide! Hahaha, fat chance!!!

Better get back to painting this fence. Before I pick up the brush again, I’ll leave you with my favourite famous quote:
“What you do today can change tomorrow!” 

Mateship at the Men’s Shed. One for the boys!


I just had to write about these guys! although my blogs are mainly stroke-related (well kinda!) I was invited to give a talk to promote stroke awareness (along with the lovely Sally Allen from my local stroke group) and told it was at the Men’s Shed! To be honest, I hadn’t a clue what to expect.

Well, I found it. Me and Sally walked round the back of this concrete building to find a ‘man cave’ full of blokes cutting and sanding wood; compressors and belt sanders going full pelt….I thought, “I’ve messed up here, this is a factory!” Then a guy said, “Yes, we’re the Men’s Shed.” (Northern branch.- there are 200 in Australia). Then it was explained to me by Chairman John Norman: “The Men’s Shed was set up for blokes to come together and work like blokes used to, sharing their problems in a bloke’s way – you know, woodwork, metalwork, etc.” (Not like girl’s do – no lippy here!). They make things for the public and less advantaged people, priding themselves on mateship.

Blokes there are dealing with losing families, marriage breakups, illness, loss – they all come together for each other.

It was such a warm place, like back in the army – comradeship and all that. But these guys had felt pain in so many ways. Talking to them was easy, they were on my page. I thought about how I was spreading awareness with my story and I was really inspired by them too.

I wanted to tell people about the Men’s Shed. WHAT AN AMAZING GROUP TO BE A MEMBER OF!

There are loads out there for women, but this was for blokes to do this things that blokes do together…make shit, serves purpose…we NEED that, it’s in our DNA!

Obviously, they have to run their club – electricity and stuff – so they all pay a membership fee. Hardly anything, just enough to cover the running costs – but no one gets paid, except in a different way – MATESHIP!!

Thanks for letting me off the Swearbox, guys! It just slipped out as it does in a working men’s environment…hahaha! You guys rock! An absolute pleasure.

So the message is, don’t think you’re alone. If you feel crushed by life, seek out your local Men’s Shed. It should be worldwide. Bet it will be soon!

UPDATE….have just received a copy of this email from John Corbett of the Men’s Shed to Sally Allen at my stroke group:

“Thank you and your team for the wonderful presentation regarding strokes, their effects and ways to reduce the risk.

We were all mesmerised at Peter’s (and Dean’s) story and so appreciated you bringing him along.”

The pleasure was all mine, guys!

UPDATE! Some of the mates have asked where they can get my book, ‘In the Blink of an Eye’  It’s available from Amazon (just Google it) & for more info just check out the link to my book at the top of the Homepage


OK, there’s clearly a need for this blog, as some people aren’t getting the same support or just don’t know about it.

After talking to a fellow locked-in stroke mate in New Zealand, I learned he hasn’t a clue what a dictus was. I suppose I wouldn’t have known about it either but for the Australian Health Service who supplied me with one – and good on Alisha, my brilliant physiotherapist ; she made sure I got everything!

I noticed when I first walked I had a bit of foot drop, a condition caused by lying in bed too long. If the feet aren’t supported by a pillow or something the foot drops from having no muscle, then the tendon loses its elasticity, causing it to shorten. This should be monitored in my opinion, as, on trying to walk, the patient may find it near enough impossible!!! Any medical person or organisation reading this should PLEASE take note!!

Anyway, this dictus goes round your ankle and is held  in place by a strap with Velcro. A band from the dictus goes to your trainer. Best way for me to explain it is by the photos below.

Now, there’s also an ankle float I’ve found to be amazing in the hydrotherapy pool.* It got me lifting my leg, rotating the leg for my hip joints and lifting my foot to my ass. It’s taken a long time to get everything going – hours upon hours for two years! But it’s worked!

I always say you must put the hours in! Nothing in this world comes without hard work – hard, HARD work!!

Please remember that, guys. You don’t just try it for a month and then give up!

I was given the float as a gift, so I can’t say exactly where it came from. Sorry, all I know is it came from an aquatics supply company – look on the net. Well worth the effort – It WORKS!

At first I could only move a bit but, with constantly trying, it has got me there. Now it’s just a fight against gravity…..GRAVITY, I WILl DEFY YOU, DAMN IT!


Hope this helps someone out there – *and please don’t use the float until you’re ready for water therapy! I’m trying to help here. Not drown anyone! Haha!

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