To all stroke sufferers out there….never stop trying!!!


Keep waking up at 4.30-5am. I can tell I’m unsettled – moving this month, see! After my move, it’s time to focus!!! All my energy, all my time before the good weather comes. “Grass will grow then.”

I have a funny feeling grass isn’t my life’s plan; don’t know, I can’t explain it, but I don’t think I came all this way to stay content with cutting grass for too many years. Who knows!!

If do, I don’t care really – clean toilets for a living, I would. Even that would be a privilege after my shit…..something only strokies would fully understand! Anything beats not moving!!

I set up  the lawn-mowing business because I figured “How the hell am I gonna get 30 odd years of walking back In to my legs?” I would have to “Walk for a living!!” That’s when my mate D PAK offered me the mowing gear!!

And they say “there’s no God.” Hahaha. Yeah right!!! Signs can be there, I swear it – Well. I’ve seen ‘em a lot on this path from hell!

At the moment I Just feel I must get moving and train with all my focus; I can’t see past that, just can’t! Maybe I’m just needing it to heal my brain, to prove to myself once n for all “I can!”

The unknowing is unsettling, as all strokies suffer with, I think. The hope that we can win it back, that “It CAN be done!!” The need to see if I can push the boundaries further than I ever dreamed.  I’m not sure what I’m capable of achieving, or maybe I’m just sick in the head! Hahaha. I guess I want to prove it to myself and to you followers too.

Just can’t put my finger on it! The need for more. This mission has been so long, I can’t remember the beginning. I’ll never forget completely, but it’s distorted now, like another life even!! I feel so clear now, look at videos and can’t BELIEVE it! Was that me? How did I get through?!! Become the man I had to be? I lost so much! I gained so much! I’ve almost come full circle now. But now the storm has passed or is “passing” I feel a new man – different, but strangely comfortable with who I am. I’ve finally come to like myself again.

Thank God I never stopped trying. The amount of walls I hit day after day, feeling I Just can’t do this!! Crying for years!!! Then on my own too!! Just never thought there could be an end. I’m not 100% yet – but you know what? I feel 120% better in the mind now – THAT I didn’t expect!!

So I plead with the followers that are out there reading this, “If you can’t see past the wall and you just don’t BELIEVE you can go on, that you’re just not strong enough! By holding on and just starting again in the morning is you winning!! ‘cos if you’re willing to try again the next day – and the next AND THE NEXT!! – you will one day look back with disbelief!”

Please, please never stop trying. It’s worth it!

I am a new Pete Coghlan and I’m pleased to know him!


Just never stop trying!

13 thoughts on “To all stroke sufferers out there….never stop trying!!!

  1. Peter -thanks for this encouraging entry. Your wonderful attitude, courage and wild sense of humor make all smile! electronic hugs from the USA, xxxooo Julie


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    • I was a little taken back,by the word of Hell, then I certainly realized that most times I know I’ve been there too. And only God, can stop an inoperable bleed, only HE kept me alive, not negating the previous prayers of my loved ones, when only given three hours. But GOD!!! That’s my favorite phrase… BUT GOD!!!
      Thanks for sharing your truthful story… You are blessed!!

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      • I don’t consider my self deeply religious
        But I have to say I did pray
        When I was locked in and lifeless
        And I promised to help for the rest of my life if he helped me
        Now I tried and tried
        So I was me putting the time in but i do BELIVE I was being motivated from the beginning
        I am sure God gave me strength
        I don’t go to church
        But promise to keep my deal I made with him in that paralysed state
        Thank god for my determination
        Our brains can rebuild our bodies
        That in it self tells me there must be a creator


      • I prayed a lot though out this journey back
        The first payer was ” please God just let me fight my corner !!! ”

        No need to say anymore
        He kept me positive
        And I fought hard , so hard
        I didn’t know my self
        But I came through the storm
        And I am a where that I am different in many ways
        But I know I am a BETTER man !
        And feel I must feed the world with my drive and leed others to better recovery
        We can do more , but most are not beliving they are capable
        Coz know professional is aloud to say
        But I proved it
        If the will is strong
        Things can be gained !!


    • Don’t fancy the other option do you !!!!
      You might not get it as you want it
      But you’ll emproove your life
      A shit load !!
      Soooo glad I didn’t just wait
      For it
      Gotta put the time in regular
      You will not see the change but
      Others will
      Get obsessive at least an hour aday
      It’s a life mission
      But you know what
      One day you’ll actually like the
      It’s life style choice
      You take it or leave it
      Like joining a gym and never going
      You take the challenge
      Or you sit there n watch dr phil

      Just do it
      No matter how small your flicker
      And if it doest move
      Work on what you can till that day where it does
      Be all you can be
      Work with what you got
      BELIVE in your self
      Most of all Put the time in
      That’s the key
      Determination , motivation
      Get obsessive
      Try try try
      You can and you will
      Good luck
      Grit your teeth 😁
      Pete 👍


  2. Hi, Pete. I found your blog. It’s amazing how far you have came. I had multiple strokes on August 31, 2013 at age 29. My main deficit is my audiological processing. I’ve been in speech therapy for nearly two years now. I lost my job as a software engineer but I keep pushing to be 100%. In the beginning, I couldn’t talk or understand speech at all. I re-gained my speech and I keep making progress on my auditory processing.

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    • Hey Megan
      Every strokes different I know
      But one thing is clear if you keep trying things can change
      I must look up your book too
      I still not settled enough to have time to read
      But there will be and I will
      Thanks for commenting good luck with your challenges
      Not sure I fully understand yours
      Might just contact you
      Being a nosey person hahaha


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