I feel this month is the calm before the storm.

I’ve been on my arse now for a while – seems like forever – so I woke up the other night deciding I need to make drastic changes and FAST!!! I cannot keep my rental going, and if I want to put my all into getting better, to afford more personal training time with Cheri plus more regular acupuncture and massage – not to mention my new love for the guitar (which is fun but I suck!), then changes need to be made!! Worrying about money and struggling is putting too much pressure on me and I just need to focus on my work n rehab instead of thinking ‘Shit, I can’t pay that!!’ Perth’s getting bloody expensive! Maybe I never noticed before ‘cos I wasn’t on a bad wage – after a stroke you sure as hell feel it in the pocket as well as the limbs!

Anyway, I’m super keen to go for it and am now giving it everything I have!!!!! EVERYTHING I ALWAYS have of course, but this is it now THE FINAL BREAKOUT!!! I’m so close!!! I have to focus!!! Just how far I can get is never clear, but what I’ve learned is you can clearly keep pushing boundaries. And lately, I feel 95% although I still have a stiff shoulder and two fingers not moving as they did before. Not concerned, I will get it!! I WILL!!!! I have 12kg of powder – I use different types, but always high protein. A body builder mate of mine said a good combination he uses that I could try Is 2 hours before training eat plenty of carbs, 20 minutes before eat a banana and a powder shake drink of muscle building Creatine and plenty of water. Afterwards, have another banana n 1 more protein shake. I have to eat regularly too, like every 3 hours….and It’s WORKING!!!

I guess this regime wouldn’t have worked at the beginning of my recovery, as I wasn’t moving well enough. But bananas before and protein shakes throughout the day with carbs have really reduced fatigue. That’s a big problem people tell me: Living with fatigue is hard to deal with -horrid!! It used to affect my speech too.

I also found Berocca a help when I’m stuck: Like, if my speech is weak, bananas and a Berocca in a bottle of water really helps – my speech gets sharp within 15 minutes. Good tip this: A protein shake with carbs is a winner. (I would say with water ‘cos you’ll put weight on with milk – plus it may be too much for your kidneys) Ok, I’m off to my new volunteer position! Gotta fly this month!!!



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