Magnetic Positivity??????

Check this out! No, I’ve not been cuffed – it’s my new magnetic bracelet!

image2 (1)

Now I am a sceptic, I have to say, but I’ve heard so much about this positive magnetic stuff & was sick of people saying “have you tried have you tried it?”!! So I just had to.

I am in no way promoting this, as I just got it today. I wasn’t gonna buy it actually, but my mate Paul who does my massage paid for it for me and said “just try it, will ya?!!” So I now have one, and a bandage for my thigh too, which has  4 magnetic strips going vertically. At the very least it’s keeping my leg warm. The lady who sold it told me some people have come back and thanked her, as it really helped them – probably a sales pitch, but time will tell. I will be truly honest about the results, as I have no reason to lie seeing as I’m not flogging ‘em, nor am I on commission. If nothing happens nothing happens – I still get a warm leg and a cool bracelet. Is it cool? I’m weird so don’t tell me if it’s not!

So, in the spirit of self-sacrifice, I will try it so you don’t have to waste your money if it doesn’t work. My mate Danny says it’s helped his wrist, as he used to get pains when swinging the club at his wife…..I mean GOLF! Hahaha! Yes, it was golf!! Any swinging is more likely to be at HIM knowing Ange!!

Anyhow, should I start moon-dancing or playing the piano anytime soon, I’ll let you know!

Wanted to get my tone out of my hand (still got a bit) and I start my first proper guitar lesson tomorrow. FACT! Ey, ME!!! Guitar lessons!!! A Spanish guy called Luis reckons he can teach anyone……Yeah well, we shall see, ey?!! Looking forward to it! I fancy myself as “the Mac”!! – you know, Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac? He’s a legend. You wanna see his instrumental when he plays “I’m So Afraid” live, 1982 (see video). That song was really something and listening to it was so hard for me, ‘cos I was sooooooo afraid.

Here’s the link if you wanna check it out

And I’ll get back to ya on these magnets. I reckon it’s bollocks meself !!


One of my favourite songs for sure



One thought on “Magnetic Positivity??????

  1. I knew it was bollox
    It’s been months n months
    Still done nothing
    It’s like telling some one tea bags on ya eyes will take a way wrinkles
    Some one got rich !!!
    Nay be it only works on some stuff
    I reckon it’s a cash cow !


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