To All Goodlife Staff at Kingsway Gym

I’m writing this for you guys!


Your gym has been my church, my salvation.
Through my marriage break-up.
Through my low days. Through my completely-hopeless-it-seemed days.

Just standing in the pool for hours looking at those concrete walls, (which need painting by the way! Hahaha) thinking about all that went wrong. All my thoughts on everything.

I cried whilst training, hid it best I could. The anger inside, the pain, trying to find the man inside myself again. I felt like a broken toaster. Unwanted.

Driven by pain, I wanted to prove so badly I’m the man that I was –
and as I did, it changed me anyway, I think “better”. But I came out the other end a man I never thought I would be. I’m not sure who he is yet!

A good, kind, calm man I think, although I do still snap, as my mum will testify! But that’s only ‘cos I’m more stuck in a routine now: Food, health, gym, pool, sleep…..That’s been my life for 5 years, nearly. Lost track of time along the way forget the day, or month – doesn’t matter to me.

But my new lawn service and public speaking will hopefully bring
a work structure back to my life again. I need that now. Centrelink have been surprisingly helpful, giving me a small loan to buy a bit of mowing gear and supporting me till I get it going. This is very important.
I’m glad I live in a country that’s helping me back to work.  So many are not so lucky. They always say you can judge a country by how it treats the sick.

Thanks Australia – it makes me proud!

Oh back to Goodlife! (sorry I always digress!)
Yeah, you guys – you’re like a family there now. But you know it!!
“Hi Pete!! No key tag again?”
Always a friendly place to go when you’re down, like that US show “Cheers”. You wanna go “where everyone knows your name!!”
No beer, of course! Protein n Positivity instead!
Keep it up guys !!!

Cheri, we’ll crack that shoulder soon buddy!

You guys might have seen this week’s gym pic but, for those in my position, here’s what you can achieve. If you’re really dedicated, you can turn the odds around.


I’m not strong yet, but I feel good.
I’m very proud thinking where I’ve come from, ‘cos I didn’t listen.
I believed in me and I didn’t stay in front of the TV.
I wanted it so badly. I dedicated my life to pushing
More More More!!!
No matter what, I was getting Pete back!!

Believe in yourself, guys!


6 thoughts on “To All Goodlife Staff at Kingsway Gym

    • Your welcom Bec , you will never know how joining good life ku way change me an my life
      I had no life no money
      All I had was my membership
      So traveled there every time I had frustration , or down
      Or angry
      It gym and all you friendly staff got me through endless days of misery and hopelessness xx
      And the smily faces helped a lot


  1. Hi Pete You won’t remember me but i remember you. I was the old duck in the laundromat that showed you how to put the doona etc in the machine at Greenwood Laundromat June 2014(my darling husband was in hospital having treatment for mesothelioma and my wash/machine had died) and I thought you had cerebal palsy by the way you moved! I had not heard of you before much to my shame but I’ve been following your progress since and I say “WHAT A MAN YOU ARE”. I have been praying for you too and you are such an inspiration to sooo many, good on ya. Your mum must be an amazing girl and so proud of you. So sad your marriage didn’t run the distance but there is bound to be an absolutely amazing beautiful loving wonderful girl out there waiting for you at the right time, I believe that with all my heart. Just keep going Pete you’re more than an energiser bunny your fantastic. Very very best wishes always, I feel blessed to have met you. Shirley Banks


      • Well I am delightfully surprised you remembered me Peter but then you are so good at interacting with people. When I didn’t get an email back then i thought you were just being polite but then when I read your blog I realised how very busy you are so i just loved seeing all the things you were up to. I have told so many people about you and your never give up attitude and if there was an A plus for attitude it’s you. You have made your own luck so many times but i am so pleased you have a faith in the Almighty and i believe He has Blessed you because of it. I call my first step-son my little Koala cos he was so cuddly when i met him at 7yrs of age, now 42! So I’m going to call you my little energiser Bunny, go Pete, go. Love Shirl
        PS I don’t do face book as I feel my grandkids need some privacy.

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