Watch out! Mad biker about!!!

Quick one guys….. bloody starving!!
Got up this morning thought “Today’s the day!!”
I wanted to use my bike ages ago but since my wife left, money’s been tight n I couldn’t afford a bike rack. So I thought “Bollocks to it; I’ll walk the damn thing to the park. I wanted to learn on the grass, see? (Safety first!!) Hahaha

Half n hour it took but I got the bleeding thing there, psyching myself up all the way, iPod playing some Euphoric dance tunes. They well psyche me up!!

Anyway, finally got to the park n was a was a bit scared, but I just said a prayer, then got on and pedalled hard, heart pounding like mad! And I just kept going!! Okay – I fell off once, which was a shock, but at least it let me know I don’t break or snap so easily! Hahaha. Something I needed (confidence building)

God, I felt like I was 5 years old again in Offerton, Stockport when my Dad let go of me in my little street. Whoowhooooo! 4 times round the field! I’m 37 but prouder this time than when I was a kid!!

Right time for me grub, I’m dying here! Sooo hungry I’m going to implode! What’s new?!!!

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