And all I wanted to “Snatch” was a pizza!


A simple night, yeah right!!

I was in my room,  trying to get to grips with this guitar larky – the  strings make ya fingers sore…Ouch!!!!

I got a text: “What you up to?” and I was asked to pop round for a cheeky wine!

I thought “Why not? My fingers can’t take much more anyway.” So I did. 

A pizza was mentioned. “Ok, yeah. Cool, let’s go pick it up.” Nice slice of pizza, glass of wine. Oh yes!!! Just the thing after a hard day’s rehab. Then early to bed sounds bliss. 

Yeah, right!!

On the way, my friend spotted a dog wandering on the road and, being a dog lover, stopped. Me, being a dog lover, totally agreed. But tired n hungry I really wasn’t in best-friend’s helper-man mood. I was a tired, sore, ‘need a sofa’ kinda man!! 

But she did the right thing, put the dog on a lead n rang the ranger!!

With me so far?

Ok, so at this point we’ve got him in the car, picked up the pizza ( all good) and the ranger is on his way.  

But then the evening lost its vibe, what with this bulldog snorting in my ear, with an annoying breathing thing going on, and happily dribbling on my shirt sleeve, trying to get a sniff of my pizza.  

Picture us sitting in a car for 40 mins in the dark, eating pizza with this fire-snorting Turner & Hooch hound in my ear, dribbling on my shirt and, to top it off, having to turn the windows down as requested, so bleeding mozzies start biting!  

Bless him, but I was less than chuffed. I knew I should have stayed on my bed strumming peacefully. We did a good thing, but from a purely selfish point of view, good things sometimes suck!

The ranger came, took him away – poor little pig-snorting sod (the owner must be deaf). If he were my dog, I’d have to keep him in a sound-proofed room.

He reminded me of that dog in the film “Snatch”  that swallowed the squeaky ball – cute for all of 1 minute!!!

What a great night!!


Whoa whooo!! 



Look out James Blunt! I’ve a lot to sing about!!


It’s really late, can’t sleep so have been getting some oats – porridge oats, that is!! Such an interesting day, it’s no wonder I’m awake. In fact, life generally seems pretty hectic at the mo; finding new friends round every corner, including my neighbour whom I might be able to help out on the work front. Not only that, but his wife’s company may want a speaker, which, as many of you know if you’ve been following my blog, is something I’m very keen to be.

And all because I knocked on their door! Just felt the urge, somehow, so went round armed with some delicious cakes. Those passion fruit vanilla slices certainly open doors! HaHaHa! Sometimes, I actually listen to what my head tells me to do. You know those thoughts that may come into your head? But then you think “Nah, can’t be arsed” or, “It’s too late” or “They won’t want to know” or “I’ll do it tomorrow” and then the impulse disappears. Well, lately, l lately I’ve been acting on them straightaway, and they keep surprising me!

Is there a higher power? Our brain is awesome – spooky how it works, ey!

Yer, I’ve made some really nice friends since my break up. Funny how you branch out more when you’re single. I’ve known my neighbours for 9 months but had never had a beer with them. So glad we’ve finally broken the ice – and nice to know that opportunity knocks if you take the initiative!

And I’ve just had my first guitar lesson!!! Yes, you heard it right – GUITAR!! After my stroke, I’d given  my guitar to my sister thinking I’d never play it again!! She gave it back yesterday – psychologically, a really, really big moment for me!  AND I’ve got someone to teach me – a girl I met on Christmas Day who, as it turns out, is (or was) my mate’s carer! She offered to teach me and I said “Really?” thinking she’s pissed, that’s why! But no- she texts me the very next day and it was all arranged – my first lesson in the local park, sitting by the lake in beautiful sunshine! Cheers, Beau!! Excited more so because I can actually PLAY! What I mean is, I could play okay before but took it for granted, see. Now, my fingers ain’t great, but the hand that’s good can do the cords n strum, while the other hand is still improving! I just never dreamed I would ever play the guitar again!!! So, next to running, my goal for 2015 is to play one song!  A small thing to ask, but I’m in love with the idea!

Look out James Blunt – I’ve a lot to sing about. But don’t worry too much – you’ll be retired by then, mate! HaHaHa! And, if you’re still quaking in your boots, you obviously haven’t heard my voice yet: Darth Vader with a throat infection!

I’m only telling my followers this ‘cos I think it’s important to keep hold of your dreams. I didn’t BELIEVE it, but sometimes time surprises you – more so if you push for it! Your dreams might be small to everyone else, but for you they’re MASSIVE, so don’t ever let them go!  I nearly did, but am starting to win them back.

Play you a song one day!!

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Can you let me read your blogs?)