It’s the time you put it that counts – something people ain’t getting!

Question from a stroke sufferer:

“I like your book very much. My recovery from stroke is slow – still have no use of left (my affected arm/hand) yet. My stroke was almost 16 months ago. Can you share what worked for you? thanks and happy New Year to you and your loved ones.” – Ostro

My reply:

Ok, I’ll try.

You have to seriously put the hours in; start with trying to hold a pen. It took me weeks to do this as my hand wasn’t gripping, but when I did it felt like a lifetime! I then had to try to write an A4 page of the letter with a fine liner – Bic pens are way too hard!!!!

This may also be too hard for you at first, so get some Play Dough and maybe at night while you’re watching TV or chatting, roll or squeeze the dough as best you can. Don’t give up if nothing happens straight away – none of these things come easily – that’s why many people give up, see!

Ok, it all might seem too hard, but I go on this theory: that when you try, a flicker is starting to develop deep inside. It may take months or many months but it IS growing imperceptibly and then one day it may just surprise you, allowing you to move your finger – even by a millimetre! That’s progress!

iPads may encourage things also!!! But it’s the TIME you put in that counts – something people ain’t getting!! PUT THE TIME IN.
Concentrate  for a few hours or as much as you can every day – doesn’t matter how much, as long as it’s regular. BE CONSISTENT with it – this is part of your structured life now (that’s if you don’t go crazy first!)

Try n go with the imagination: Lift….push…..push…..lift…push….maybe just a finger. If you can’t see results, it doesn’t mean it isn’t doing anything. I wish- soooo wish – I had shortcuts for you but there is no easy way out!! If there was I’d still be married with my speedboat , 4×4, dog, my old place – Everything!!

You have to say “Right for the next year (or however long it takes) I’m gonna do half an hour or an hour every night – 365 hours a year!!

Good luck, Mate and don’t give up! Really I can feel your frustrations, but YOU CAN DO IT! Set an agenda: Exercise pool for the arm at first,  then peanut-picking at some point next year – it’s like going from 1k to 50k! And remember, muscles grow slowly.
Hope my blogs may help you in the future……just KEEP GOING!

All the best, Ostro!

PS. A stimulus machine may also help, but still go with the movements! Frustrating ey!!!

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