Beware of Secret Santas Everywhere!

pete santa

This was sent to me by a friend who wishes to remain  anonymous.   Hope it makes you smile!!!!!

Hi Pete, hope you had a good Xmas…I thought this might brighten your day.

Whatever age we are,  we all love Santa don’t we??  Or do we?…..this year Santa was Secret.  We were all given a name and a fixed price to buy a gift in secret.  We all knew each other so should be easy you would think????  Not So !   Either Santa really hates me despite being good all year,  or my present-buying “friend” ran out of inspiration!

Now,  I am all in favour of recycling. I’ve had gifts before which for one reason or another I have been unable to use,  but knew someone who would love it.   My Secret Gift ran as follows:   Beautiful  gift box which appeared to contain lots of little goodies.  I could see little chocolates which looked really cute and a bar of my favourite chocolate.  Great so far?.  I’m. Diabetic!   Next came the really useful good stuff.  Wait for it,  I know the excitement will be killing you!  A used Lip Balm….    An already used bottle of Shower gGel. ( it was a very good one,  but only half full)……..antiseptic hand wash. (Hospital grade no less).  ….a partly used body scrub….  Maybe I need to be showering more or use a new deodorant?

The whole experience has put me off Santa for life. No wonder little tiny kids don’t like him. They. Know before grown ups what’s in his toy bag!!! Every time I see a Santa in the future I’ll be thinking “what did I do wrong?”  Even worse though,  next time I see my friends I’ll be wondering which one of you hate me so much?

Apart from that,  I hope to remain as unscarred as possible before next Xmas.   On the whole,  my day was lovely.  I had lots of fun, and yes I did receive some nice little gifts as I hope you did too.   Lots of love,  take care.  See you in the New Year.   Xxxxxxx

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