Always on Twitter or Facebook? Take time out and TALK!

social media

Facebook is a great tool of the 21st century and, for us strokies, it’s awesome! For those who can’t talk, or people who can’t get out much – or at all!!! – or simply for everyone who wants to reach friends around the world, like me, it certainly beats snail mail for keeping in touch.  

My Dad’s in Thailand, Uk mates blah blah blah….. I’ve also got loads of friends down under and (increasingly) all over the world. But I have a small concern: 

Today I was cleaning, as I do at the mo, and was mopping the brew room where everyone has lunch – head-down-arse-up as usual, mopping away.  

But the room was deathly silent. There were 4 people in the room but no sound. Why? All 4 were engrossed in their phones. Facebook, email, eBay, Twitter, online games, God knows what! 

I thought back to my years in the building trade where I could turn my hand to pretty well anything – be it bricklaying, window fitting, or solid hard labouring.  On site, we talked, we had a laugh and made some good mates in the process.

Whereas this smartphone obsession’s a bit scary, don’t ya think? 

Okay, we all do it (I need to check my Facebook, emails, tweets, comments on my blog etc), but I was brought up learning people skills, something I feel is going to pot ey…. I mean for kids today or people younger than me (refuse to say young people!!  I’m not old yet, damn it!)

YOUNGER people today can’t look you in the eye n have proper conversation, have ya noticed?!! There can be a room full of youngsters and all heads are down, playing on the bloody iPhones! 

I hope we’re not losing our way, that’s all. 

Communication for me was paramount, especially having lost my speech (along with all my other functions!) due to stroke and locked-in. As I learned to talk again, friends and fairly would encourage me, urge me on!!

“You’re doing great, Pete!” “Great guns!” n such comments which would drive me harder n harder. No wonder I came to appreciate the power of speech!

I still talk to many people on Facebook, trying to help them win their battles, and it’s a very powerful tool if used correctly. 

Sadly, I hear stories of online bullying, of ‘fight pages’ from school kids of playground violence. Now that pisses me off! You don’t want to see yourself getting bashed again and again. Jesus!!!! It’s sick!! 

I’m a going on like an old fart now but my point is we must TALK more. (A bit more beating around the bush could mean fewer beatings in the playground!)

From the moment I could form the word “Gaga” as an infant, I could certainly talk and came to realise what a superb gift it is. We grow from talking,,,,,,so I BELIEVE that if we take time out from social media, switch off our electronic devices and have regular ‘leave it alone’ time, we’ll make more friends,  become socially adept and be altogether more interesting – and the world would be a happier, more sociable place.

Am I the only one thinking this way? I know a few people who just don’t bother with social networks and they’re actually pretty bubbly, cool people, ey!

Okay, it can be useful, but if you use social media too much it can actually stop you being social!

So get your finger out from time to time and TALK TO SOMEONE!


5 thoughts on “Always on Twitter or Facebook? Take time out and TALK!

    • I only worry that human beings will no longer interact
      I know now what a totally amazing gift speech is , and it is a gift !!
      I noticed even if you try n get a girls eye these days
      They wouldn’t notice
      To busy on there phone !!
      It stopping us from seeing or meeting or should I say connecting up close n personal
      Shame I feel
      But it’s great dont get me wrong
      But on your own
      N if your single out there
      You just don’t know who’s looking !!
      The old way of getting an eye
      Has gone it seams ey !!


      • I am single (again) so I might have to go back to online dating….I recommend it, even if you are in a crowd of thousands, there is no telling if the “one” for you is in that crowd or if they are sitting home waiting for the “one” to knock on their door.

        You could also try the old ploy of bumping into someone by mistake.

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  1. Great comments, It would appear that those locked in to technology have ‘Locked in Syndrome’ themselves. I would rather a chat even if its brief, than a text message or email, still both those forms of communication have saved me many a time because do not retain every little piece of info.


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