Feel like giving up? DON’T!

“What’s the point??!!”

Sometimes I wonder -as a lot of strokies think, I expect.

“What’s the point? It’s just too hard!!

Well if I had a dollar for every time I thought that, that studio apartment overlooking the beach would be well and truly paid for, ey!! 

“I just can’t get that muscle, just can’t get it working!”

The endless crying; Fits of frustrated anger; Depression trying to sneak in; Oh yes! I’ve been there!! But, after a long time of trying, things do surprise you. Progress might be small, but it’s still progress! 

My calf has been the latest to change. Well, I’ve been doing a hell of a lot more training since me n the wife split. Funny – they say break ups make body builders!! (When you think of body builders you think big!) But I think I qualify after 5-10 hours training every week!

My point of this blog is to try to reach anyone out there who has thrown in the towel or feels like giving up!! Please don’t!! If you’re upset and feel you just can’t do it, stop, chill out, take a deep breath……and start again tomorrow!

That’s all you can do. Shits ya! but your body can only do what it can do! However small the flicker…..it’s still progress!  

Now let’s get practical. I have some tips that I hope might help:  

*Protein powder morning / afternoon (fights fatigue) 

*Raw broccoli ( I BELIEVE helps wellbeing) 

*Spoonful of malt extract  – before exercise!! (seems to help me)  

*Peanuts or sultanas (helps arms, grip, pinching, control) 

*Kidney beans, brown pasta, tuna (really powerful lunch)  

*Bananas ooohhh yes! Every morning, before n after training. I blend ‘em up with protein powder 

Next, these are things for the swallowers out there! Don’t go killing ya self (can I laugh  hahaha!) Well, I’ve been there so I think I am allowed the odd chuckle, although I know when you’re there it’s not funny one bit!!!

Cold jelly got my swallow going, thanks to my amazingly wonderful, well trained, super speechy Robyn X (pay me later! xx) Then a gradually thickened diet for a 6 month period. I was a pig so swallowing came on fast!! Actually I never got chance to thank Devonshire Ambrosia Custard for their major part in my recovery; I loved it so much I couldn’t stop eating it. Tin after tin, spoon just couldn’t get to my mouth fast enough!! Devonshire Ambrosia, in my opinion, is THE BEST custard in the world! If you don’t BELIEVE me you’re not a pom, ‘cos we’re lucky enough to know about this little pommie delight, proving that some great things come out of that little island.

Like HP Sauce; Weetabix (not Wheat Bix); Chocolate Hobnobs,; Jam Roly Poly; Caramac!!! Army n Navy’s (Ohhh I love those!) just to name a few! Those treats stay with me forever! You just can’t take them out of an English lad.  

I still can’t get into Aussie traditions like beetroot on a burger. I was devastated when I was served a burger with THE LOT! With a dirty great big piece of beetroot in the middle of my bun!! Yuk!! I was like what the ****! You can sling that n all !!!!! thank you very much! Beetroot!!! 

Where was  I , hahahaha……No, I love Perth really, except when it’s too warm and everyone gets too angry!! (in cars I mean!) Road rage is a joke here. I saw a news flash of a man opening a car door at traffic lights n smashing the driver with his skateboard! It made me sick!! You know they now sell road rage cameras for your dash now, so you can catch em!!! How’s that!! Unbelievable, hey!!

I had one incident last Boxing Day, waiting for a disabled bay to come free (AS THERE’S NEVER ENOUGH!! ), when this big butch lady pulled up beside me and shouted so angrily at me (she was literally foaming at the mouth):  “You don’t own the f’in’ car park you know!” 

I grabbed my disabled sticker, stuck it in her face and said, loud as I could: “Well you get my f’in’ shopping for me then!!!”

What a bitch! Lucky she didn’t get out n punch me, as I was quite weak then. Stupid of me really- but I was so mad!!

Hold on a minute- this is a blog not a book! Sorry I get carried away! Hahahaha!

Point is: Don’t give up – it does get better, depending on how much you put in – and stay positive. Eat positive. And don’t stop trying, even if you can only manage an hour a day.

Wish I could fight for ya but you have to do it yourself. And you WILL!!!

You CAN improve!



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