Wot me? Give Occupational Therapy a hard time?


The other day, a friend who reads my blogs said something that made me think.

“You give OT a hard time, don’t ya?”

Do ya think so? Well, I’m really sorry if it comes across that way – that’s not my intention at all. It’s just that my rehab didn’t really need a lot of occupational therapy as I did most things myself, see? Had my own stubbornness, see? Just had to do it myself!!

Not everyone’s lucky enough to think like me. Some brain damage needs a lot of therapy!!  Not always for strokes either. During my time in Shents, I saw OT staff do a wonderful job – so much so it’s inspired me to look into studying as an OT assistant.

So if anyone out there thinks I give OT a hard time, that’s so far from the truth; I’m only sharing my personal journey!!! The fact is, I have nothing but the deepest respect for all therapists.

I might even get there one day and assist, who knows!!

I hate studying but when I want something……!!!

Well , we shall see ey!!


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