Keys to stroke recovery – the perfect combination

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I never thought massage would really help me until I met Paul from Aurora Massage at Malaga Markets!! Oh my word! He’s bloody awesome!! My pecs have been so tight muscle-wise, I guess I’ve been working out too much, trying to force too much – and they haven’t been responding well. Cheri my personal trainer felt this tightness as well. So I’m using a combination of acupuncture on the tendon by Ali while Cheri for is helping me learn the correct way to move again.

Now Paul is the latest addition to my elite team and in half hour I can already feel it’s a vital addition! He sure knows his shit, ey!!!! For anyone reading my blogs, it’s clear to me that this combination of diet, personal training. acupuncture on tight tendons, hydrotherapy pool and good massage to help the muscles that tense up (or won’t turn off) is the key! I’ve heard people say ‘this is the way to go’, or ‘this doesn’t work’, but in my opinion – at least for me – all these elements together are working a treat. Oh and plenty of stretching too!

People out there might be thinking, ‘Well that’s ok if I could bloody move!’ Well, all I can say is these blogs are for my recovery as I am NOW – not as I was during the early days as described in my book – i.e. totally paralysed, unable to move anything but my eyes! I’ll try to keep you up to date as I go; that’s all I can do – share my journey as I continue to make progress!!

I do hope you get to my stage as time goes on – meanwhile, all I can say is, if you want it keep putting the time in……

Your recovery stops when you stop!!!     

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