Hospital? Hospital? More like a space station!

Perth’s new Fiona Stanley Hospital is massive! Think they need more exit signs though… I couldn’t find the ruddy way out!! It’s enormous!!!! Here’s a pic of just one section – and there are like 5 sections like this!! (You can also check it out on the YouTube link below)

Fiona Stanley - front

Futuristic, hey? They have robots taking food to patients and now only 2 men per room, not like Shents with 4 of us sharing! When everyone’s family visited at the same time, it got very crowded!

Anyway, during a tour of this fabulous state-of-the-art new hospital, I met up with David, me speechy, and also Jarrad, me shrink, Hahahaha! He loves that I’m sure! Both funny guys, which is just as well when I’m around! I took ‘em a cheesecake from good old Cookies (the best!!!) Jarrad and I had coffee together and, as a mind leech, he was keen to find out how my mind was ticking on a few subjects.One subject I hadn’t thought about since Shents (now I don’t want to upset any OTs out there – I’m saying this because it’s how I felt and it’s meant to be constructive). I told Jarrad one of the reasons why I didn’t like OT was the OT shower!! If you were down for that on the board, you had to comply. As if you’d not been stripped of your dignity in the first place, now you had to be undressed to demonstrate you could hold a shower head, turn taps, wash your balls….For heavens’ sake, man!!!

I was used to my nurses – they were my close family, but I did not want to be sitting in my chair bollocks naked to prove I could turn a TAP! Correct me if I’m wrong, surely you can do the movements dressed, ey? Though maybe not your bits. If I remember correctly, they used to seat you on a shower chair to see if you could manage a commode. Commodes used to tip up if you weren’t careful and, you’d hope, after the millions they’ve pumped into the new place, the chairs will be a lot sturdier…..and if not, why not! After all, if robots can deliver meals….ey?!!! No! Dignity is a vital factor and I personally feel that such an assessment is a nurse’s job!!

They used to encourage me to try and wash – a good nurse would anyway. “Leave them to it,” I say.  I just had to voice my view; many out there may feel the same, and sorry if I’ve ruffled feathers, but I write to share my views because many cannot!!

If you’re gonna give us robots – give us dignity too, please!

On a brighter note I saw the amazing Alisha, my physio, who was helping a lady take her first steps. She gets them all walking, ey! She’s ace! Of course, all therapists are ace – it’s just that Alisha was special. As I explained to Jarrad, Alisha’s positivity was the key for me; it made me look forward to going which is very important.  Get your patients to love you and they’ll love coming. Alisha probably can’t stand me, really but she’s a bloody great liar, then!

This new hospital is unbelievable!! I still worry it’s a little too far but as the city grows it’ll be ok, I guess….providing you stay alive long enough! Hahaha! (Apologies for my sick sense of humour!) Seriously, though, about the only thing I could fault the place on was there were no bloody bananas in the cafe!! Hahaha! Me and my bananas! I need them to stop me getting fatigued.

Perth is truly privileged to have such a state-of the-art hospital.  I just wish every city in the world had a facility like Fiona Stanley!

And, as you’ll see by this picture, it’s got charisma in spades!

Shovel loads





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