Flipping’ eck! I’m bouncing back!

As Peter Kay says: “It’s the future that is!”
Aerial Fun-Logo-White-Blue-Landscape-01
I’m sure God is showing me how to recover in his own way. Some time ago,  I was driving past a place in Malaga which has recently opened – a massive building full of (wait for it!) trampolines! So me being a nosy so’n’so went in to have a look and asked the guys behind the reception desk about how much etc….
14 dollars an hour (about £7-£8).
I thought about it and thought about the muscles I needed to strengthen and I figured this could be it!! Trampolining will stretch my tendons, build my ass muscles (‘glutes’  I think I heard Alisha call them), improve my balance and help my lifting movement by getting me to bend my knees more.
In short, it’ll help with pretty well everything, every single muscle.
At Trampoline World (formerly known as Flipout)* everyone is welcome, and people with special needs – brain injury, strokes, any recovery –  are given assistance if needed, but most folks are just out to have fun! They take group bookings too.
 Aerial Fun-Logo-White-Landscape-01
It’s gotta be the way forward! As my favourite comedian Peter Kay says: “It’ the future, that is!” Sunshine indoors !! Shit that man makes me piss myself! Maybe he appeals to me ‘cos he’s from Greater Manchester, i.e. Bolton, not far from Stockport where I grew up. Gonna see him live one day! Some people want the Caribbean; me? front row for Peter Kay is top of my bucket list! Laughing is everything to me in life!
Anyway I will let ya know when I start  somersaulting. I guess this new chapter of recovery is me bouncing back to to freedom. I’ve got a really good feeling about this!!
If you live near Perth and want to have a go sorting ya self out, get down to Trampoline World at 1968 Beach Road, Malaga, Perth. Who knows I might bump into you (well, I’ll try not to! Hahaha!)
Aerial Fun-Logo-White-Purple-Landscape-01


*My pal Rob has just bought Trampoline World. He’s a great bloke and lets me use the trampoline half price, which has been wonderful for my recovery! Thanks to him, I’m jumping higher than ever!!

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