Thanks to Jo, I’m counting my blessings again!

I often try to push on others with my blogs but I know I can only reach those that have the opportunity to fight back. Many are not at that stage and have other battles to overcome first. Strokes don’t just floor you physically; they can affect other things like sensation, memory, vision, thinking process and such like – too many to mention really.

When I think of people who are dealing with those type of issues it makes me mad; mad ‘coz I want everyone to get to the top of their mountain.  I want to fight their battles for them. It’s total shit what people have to live with, so it makes me push harder. I’m gonna make a difference one day – not sure how yet but if God will show me the way….

I spoke to my friend Jo this morning  who lives on the other side of Australia. She’s had it so tough and lost so much, it’s not funny, especially as she has kids! Sadly, they’ve lost their home and she’s been finding things impossible.

Jo suffered serious head injury during a flight when  due to severe turbulence  aircraft to plummeted suddenly and violently multiple times. This caused damage to the aircraft – and, of course, to Jo whose life had been severely put at risk.

Today, Jo has  hung up the wheels so to speak, and just needs a little help from her crutch. She still has a few sensory issues but she and her husband are so strong…she’s not letting anything stop her! What a family, sticking together!  They’ve lost more than me, as I didn’t have that much to begin with, although I cherish those times before my stroke. Looking back it’s all seems a dream. Life can be shit ey?!!! But I just hold on to my belief it will all be good again…..that’s the attitude! You have to think that way because if you think otherwise, it just won’t happen, that’s for sure!

So, thanks, my lovely friend Jo, for helping me put my own problems into perspective. I may have been feeling down with recent problems but now, thanks to you, I’m counting my blessings again.

Tables will turn for you too, Jo – I know that just by listening to you. You’re an amazing woman! I admire people who just hang in there no matter what. All you people out there that get up day after day and deal with your shit, I take my hat off to you. We are all dealing with different mountains

God bless you all
Pete x



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