Thanks to Stinky Bum, at least I know my sense of smell is working

‘Cos I’ve been in a roller coaster of  emotions just recently, I had to do something to pull myself back to normality, so I arranged a meeting with Moira, a lady who’s been living with MS. I’m not sure exactly how long she said, but she’s suffered with it for some time now. On the positive side, it hasn’t stopped her holidaying. She’s been everywhere!

She asked about my Mauritius trip – turns out she’s stayed there 3 times! Then Africa; she’s going to New Zealand next!! There’s no stopping her! She was struggling a bit with the café, though – the noise. I could relate to that big time! Think her soft palate isn’t working; I could tell because she could only speak a few words per breath and it was exhausting for her!

I told her about my speechy David trying a swimmer’s nose clip on me, which helped a great deal, allowing my breath to travel only one way out of my mouth so I could get a few more words out. This was a pivotal point for me indeed! I hope it helps Moira too.

I also gave her the email address of Create Employment who find work for all kinds of sufferers. Bloody great company! As far as I know it’s only in the north of Perth but there’s bound to be more branches, I expect.

I had to tell a group of older ladies that I just wasn’t ready for a relationship yet: “It’s just too soon,” I said.

Love to help these days. Makes me feel useful again; just wish I could do it professionally. Maybe it’s not too late to train for something, ey?!! Then again, I know me. Hate studying. Give me a few thousand reps, I’ll do them no probs, but using the old grey matter is asking too much! I think it’s because I’d have to sit still for more than 5 minutes! Perhaps I should look at being a personal trainer? I don’t know – possibly a gigolo!! Especially now I’ve got the hip movement, Hahaha!!

At the moment, I’m sitting on my neighbour’s sofa tonight with two dogs and a cat called George. You might remember I mentioned Cat the ICU nurse? Well, she’s turned out to be a really good friend to me. Never had a girl mate before – it’s cool. Cat has had her fair share of shit too, so we can relate. She deals with a lot of death and tough situations in her job, which must be so hard. Some people just seem born to do a certain job. Don’t think mine was cleaning, somehow, but it’s good physio in the meantime ey?!!

Ooohhhhh shit!! What’s that smell?! These dogs get too many bones, I reckon!! My nose hair is on fire!! Dogs! Ya gotta love ‘em!!!

Better frame of mind tonight – think it calls for wine and dark chocolate the simple pleasures of life, ey!!

As for you, Stinky Bum (Gypsy), thanks mate!! No really, thanks!!! That was really special!!

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