Alone But Not Afraid

I’ve not been writing as I wanted to the last day or so. I guess I’m dealing with things my way. Dealing with a broken relationship is hard – and the loss too. I wanna just forget but it ain’t that easy.
I’ve contacted the new Fiona Stanley Hospital to get back volunteering, something I really need to do. It’s so worthwhile, gives me great satisfaction and, as an added plus, I get to meet new people.
At the Hospital, they seem a bit unsure of who’s doing what, so I asked my old speech therapist David to help get the ball rolling.
I go on about my fitness a lot – all the dos and don’ts, what I’m trying to achieve and so on – mainly to help other fighters like me. But I guess it’s hiding my feelings  too. To be honest, I’ve felt very much alone this last week and yet, conversely, I appreciate having time on my own. Weird hey?
I deal with things my way, but that’s only because I can. If you need help , talk to your doctor, therapist or counsellor. I went to a counsellor once after recovering from cancer and it helped. Sometimes offloading to others makes a huge difference. I also write a  lot, which helps.
My mum (you can always count on mums, ey?) has just sent me an Eminem video – currently my absolute favourite song and so relevant right now!
Anyone out there who’s going through a stroke or struggling to get by? Play this tune and just breathe!
We’ll be okay. Everything will be okay!
Music video by Eminem performing Not Afraid. (C) 2010 Aftermath Records

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