Now I see why bodybuilders do it!

Wow! I’m on fire right now, hitting it so hard night after night in my bedroom:

Knees to my chest, flapping my arms, circling them till they burn – just like we used to in karate. I feel this raw power running though my veins and am stronger than I have been since a lad….well close!!!

Eminem blasting in my ears, focused, pure-minded, adrenalin busting out of every pore; I’m mad yet in complete control. It’s unbelievable how your body can feel when you’re running it right – now I see why bodybuilders do it, a rush beyond comprehension.

I really think Jade leaving me was a blessing, giving me a sharp edge. Life does unfold in mysterious ways. Who knows what the Almighty has in store? You D Man! (And Danny, of course!!!)

No seriously,  I am deadly truthful here…..if you’re focused, TRULY FOCUSED, you can do anything! Be consistent, BELIEVE, put the time in!!! Okay, you may have to change to do it but, at the end, you’ll feel like God intended you to feel. Doing just enough in life will give you just enough! Put the time in and you’ll be surprised just how happy you’ll feel – HELL YER!!!!

Saw Rocky 3 again the other day. I was feeling a bit down, but I BELIEVE I was being given a sign: “Get back up! Don’t stop now, Pete – you’re not done yet!!! Get back up an fight, Lad!!!!”

Thanks God, I needed that!!!!!! As Rocky said to Clobber Lang (aka Mr T): “You ain’t so bad!!!!”

Hit me (go for it) I’m not done yet!!!


image (52)

Speaking of hearts…

Admittedly, I‘m a little too obsessed with my quest and  sometime feel that any new lady who comes across my blogs or book may run a mile! I mean I am not your average guy. A smile and a chat may be the start of something, then they check me out and think OMG!! What the…!!!
Truth is, I would like to love again one day!!

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