Talk about obsession!!!!

I’ve listened and listened for years – physios, personal trainers, dieticians – and I have to say their advice is working. Not everything in my diet is on here, but this is what I’m living on mostly. Cheri, my personal trainer, said, “Eat brown pasta, Pete”. And the best thing she told me to eat before gym is (surprisingly) sweet potato! Wayne, my dietician from the late Shents rehab, told me to try and have 40g of whey protein before, during or after exercise – that’s most days for me!

It’s taking over my life, this need – I’m better off on my own, I think!!
Hahaha! It’d take a very special woman to put up with me, ey?
I don’t care anyway, I’m happy as I am just now – feeling great and that’s all I wanted.

It’s weird, but eating healthy is actually cheaper, nearly half the usual bill, which is good now there’s just myself to look after. Jade and I talk so there’s no problem there; she sounds happier too. Guess I was hard work Hahaha! Got a bit carried away!!!! (understatement!) But no one can possibly understand if they haven’t been through it. After cancer and a massive stroke, you’re gonna be worried; you want to move and feel like you used to, and I’m gonna give it everything.

That’s what soldiers do. Once you’re in the army you have to give it your all. I was never a tough nut but I never gave in, and always gave 100%! The same goes for all service men and women; they will always push to win!! I’m so thankful to the 22nd Cheshire regiment –  you helped shape the man I am today!! I didn’t always like it, but you taught me a valuable lesson:


I didn’t see why I was in the army. Now I can!! Discipline!!!!! I needed it!

(Picture shows me on active service with the 22nd Cheshire Regiment)


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