Danny! “YOU D MAN!”

Pete & Dan

So your big day has finally arrived!   

I am so happy to be here and to be given the honour of being your Best Man. If anyone had said to me 4 years ago when I was struggling to get a spoon to my mouth, that I’d be at your wedding here in Mauritius and feeling great!!! I’d have thought they were pissing in my pocket to make me feel better.

Danny, I am gonna speak today for you as best I can but, in case I don’t say it all the way I want to, I just wanna make sure in this blog:  

Danny you are like a brother to me and have been for 21 years! We’ve been the best tag team at chatting girls up in the Northern pubs. We’ve been in the worst punch ups. You have been through all my failed relationships, helped  me move from house to house  – even from bloody Wales! Remember leaving the flat in the middle of the night? Two or three trips down the motorway? 

You even put up with my oversized German Shepherd in your house, and your lovely wife-to-be Ange cooked for me.  We worked together, had some proper good laughs, we were little shits!!! How on earth don’t we get banged up……  

To see you get married to your one true love after 21 years makes me so happy. You may have taken your time but I have to say, you’ve certainl;y done it in style: Mauritius, a stunning tall blonde with the longest legs I know. 

You done all right Bro, I’m so proud of you, Danny!!! I’ll do another blog on your big day so I can show the world your beautiful woman and try and get my speech online – you and me in our wedding suits! Pretty damn handsome – and you don’t look so bad eiether! Hahahaha!

Good choice Ange!

Danny, thanks for always being there, Mate, through thick and thin.

You are the true definition of the word ‘friend’!!!!

I love ya Bro. 

Best of luck!




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