What you do today will change tomorrow

Really interesting week.  The acupuncture, my personal training sessions (with all the work I‘m doing in the pool!) and  resistance training. It’s all coming together just as I thought it was all falling apart!! (see last blog)

My arm is starting to turn a corner, plus an added surprise this morning – I can finally reach the high notes in my voice!  I discovered this while singing along to Madonna.  I try to singing anything (not that I don’t like the old style Madonna!) I was singing ‘Papa don’t preach !” Hahaha! I have to say I’ve always liked that one!

So, the high notes do come back eventually as the voice gets stronger and it only took me  4 years of screaming like a nutter! Probably all the crying helped too.

Another nice moment this week: While I was taking the rubbish bins in, I met a girl called Kat who lives locally and she told me she’s an ICU nurse at Jondaloop Hospital. She had a break up a few years ago too, giving us something in common. Think we could be good friends. What spun me out was that she knew about locked-in syndrome straight away! Well, she would in her job, ey?

Sometimes I swear God is introducing me to these nice people I keep meeting.
There’s a video of me in the gym the other day which I hope to upload before long.

Would just like to say a huge thanks to Cheri and to that very, very kind person or persons who donated 10 free personal training sessions! They’re really helping, REALLY HELPING!! Thank you so much xxx

People who are following me must see now that persistence  and positive thinking with a good diet along with expert help here and there can change things. You must put the time in,  if you can!!

Small steps regularly and don’t give in. Even if it takes a long time –  4 years of struggling for me with a craving obsession.  It might be longer for you, but it doesn’t matter; the point is, it can be done and the fact you’re trying may just be enough.

This obsession has certainly cost me, but now I’m happy. If you want it, keep trying!!!! What more can I say?

What you do today will change tomorrow!!!





2 thoughts on “What you do today will change tomorrow

  1. I’m a stroke survivor and now love being a stroke ambassador. I had mine at the age of 11yo and now inspire people to live life. I’m hoping to write a book about my struggles but am not much good on a computer. If you are awear of someone in Melbourne that would be happy to help with a story it would be great to get it out. I hope your having a great day and look forward to chatting sometime. Regards Adam Mate


    • Hi Adam , can’t say computers
      My thing either mate
      I don’t know people either
      I think the way it’s done
      Is you write your story and then
      Find a ghostwriter
      Then when it’s in order
      Forward the first chapter to a
      Publishure or go down the amazon
      Avenue like me
      It’s hard out there mate
      But good luck


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