A wedding in Mauritius for Dan. Looks like he was the smart one again!

Off to my mate Dan Hodson’s wedding to the lovely Andrea – me as Best Man no less!

He had to do it in Mauritius, didn’t he!!! HOW much!!! Cheers Danny !!!

All thanks to Dave I get to actually go. I don’t know if Dave was sent to me as a guardian angel, but he’s saved my life, bought me a car, paid for my implant (tooth not boobs!!) and now this holiday!! I’m gonna be paying him back for some time. The reason I mention Dave is because he’s one of life’s unsung heroes. Sure he will need my help some day; these things have a habit of turning around and whenever that time comes, I’ll be here for him! You bet!

My gym’s going good, reaching new levels: Flat stomach, lifting heavier weights, feeling more powerful every session. I could do real sit-ups but I’ve found a better way: Every night before I  sleep I lie on the bed and do knees-to-my-chest exercises holding the mattress behind my head. I do as many as I can until it burns. Have for a long time.

Every month I surprise myself; it’s becoming effortless – sometimes knocking out 50 straight from 1 or 2! Unbelievable what you can do if ya try every day!! That’s the answer, right there – as much as you can do REGULARLY.

Can’t wait to be at Dan and Andrea’s wedding and show ‘em how much I’ve changed  since I saw them in England last October. It only took him 20 years to get down on one knee to Ange – so long that all his mates are splitting up now! Hahahaha

Looks like he was the smart one again……

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