Farewell my brave and lovely Jade. You’ll always be special to me.

My previous post was for Jade, as you can see see. And now I’m thinking clearer I can appreciate her point of view.

Certainly, we were tested more than most couples right from the start. On moving to Australia, we had immigration problems – and if that wasn’t hard enough, moving your life half way round the world and leaving your family are awesome factors to deal with. Shit she was brave!

Against every concrete wall we hit, we smashed it down. We were unstoppable – even the stroke didn’t beat us!! But something changed, something we couldn’t fight.

To cut to the chase, she just fell out of love with me. I guess, if I’m honest, it was the same for me too, mainly ‘cos my whole attitude had changed. Foods, tastes, entertainment, lifestyle – I didn’t want to drink any more either. No doubt, I’ll rediscover my taste for alcohol one day but, for now, having a clear head suits me.

So Jade and I are parting for the first time in 11 years. And the weird thing is I’m cool.  I wasn’t at first, though!! For days I cried, sobbed, wondering why…..God, why?! But after that I found strength (weird thing is I prayed for strength) and this calm feeling came on day 4 when I realised she was possibly right.

From now on I’ll jut have myself to focus on myself. No trying to please another, no getting dinner ready, doing the washing, cooking, of which I did  a lot. Very domesticated I am: “modern man” indeed!!

We were fighting too much; we were hurting each other and that’s no good. In life, things change, people change. Sad, but true. Things always change and for us more radically than most!

Good luck Jade. By God you deserve it! I’m bloody grateful to you for helping me through this locked-in shit, I can tell ya!!!!!! Been through a lot together you and I and I know we’ll always be good friends – It’s impossible not to be with a girl like you! Again it taught me that when you think you just can’t get through it somehow you find the inner strength, the strength to pick yourself back up, dust yourself down and say: “You’ll be okay Pete”!!

I have too! I’ve learned how to do all my own bookkeeping, invoicing, accounts. I’ve started to enjoy my afternoon siestas. To walk slowly at my own pace. It’s not too bad!! Sure I’ll miss you but it’s okay as long as I haven’t lost my friend Jade, the best friend I’ve ever had!

You’ll be okay too, Jade. I’ll always be there for you – just as you were there for me.

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Thank you for the good times, and sorry for the bad.




One thought on “Farewell my brave and lovely Jade. You’ll always be special to me.

  1. Peter, i am so sorry you and Jade had to separate. It must be so hard to be a caregiver. I am so surprised, even though i don’t really know you two, so much personality comes through on the you tube moments. My heart goes out to you both. Perhaps with time and counseling you two might get back together.



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