After a chat with the Mayor, I’m getting the needle!

What a ridiculous week of the highest ups and the lowest downs!
I don’t really wanna talk of the downs right now ‘cos they’re too massive.

But one of the ‘up’ highlights was meeting Tracey Roberts, the mayor of my local city, Wannaroo. What a wonderful lady! We had beans on toast and coffee and a good old chat. LOVED that even after 30 years in Oz, she’s still has traces of a Manchester accent! Like me, you can take the boy out of Manchester but not Manchester out the boy – or, in Tracey’s case, girl!!

I know Tracey from my Northern suburbs stroke group although we’d never really talked properly before today!! In fact, I was surprised she had the time to see me, knowing how busy she is.

I was hoping she could help me find a way into the world of public speaking, as I badly want to raise awareness of stroke, which is the leading cause of disability and, as a young man myself, I want to appeal to my own age group and younger.
She was great, so helpful – a genuine member of the A-Team; all over it!!

I’m so grateful, Mayor Roberts. You’re terrific!!! “Thank you!!!”

I went away feeling I had a direction through the fog. To tell the truth (and without going into detail) I’ve been a bit lost over the last few days. My world fell apart suddenly and dramatically; that’s all I can say on the matter.

Anyway, on the way home from my meeting with Tracey, I popped into Heights Medical practice to see if I qualify for acupuncture to release this sodding tendon; to make it relax. I thought I’d win by building up the muscle up and overpowering the tight tendon, but so far me and my personal trainer Cheri are finding it hard. She said. “You need to get this tendon switched off.”

I’m amazed acupuncture can help me. I’m allowed 5 sessions under my Health Care card (pension card) – stop laughing all you UK mates! You said I was a pensioner, “old before my time!!” So excited to see if it works although not too keen on being a pin cushion again after all the needles I took at Shents. But if it works…..!!!!! Any stroke survivor can feel the vibe – WHAT IF!!!!

image (42)


Stay tuned – I’ll let ya know !!

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