“Never be ashamed of a tear or two. It shows that you are human”

Further to my reprimand at work the other day for breaking down in tears (see previous post), I’d like to share with fellow stroke survivors this supportive email received from my friend Sally Allen, a nurse and co-ordinator of a local stroke group….

“Unfortunately, Peter, in this world we are just a number.  No longer is there a heart.  Nobody recognises employees whom have given years of dedicated service; they just pay them off when they feel like it.

My son’s job is to fly up to Port Hedland, and numerous other mining sites, to tell the miners, at the end of their shift, that they don’t have a job.  It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been there.  Fortunately my son is not employed by the firm they work for and does not know any of them.  The employer is too cowardly to sack them so they get a stranger to come in and do their dirty work.

Having any kind of stroke leaves you vulnerable to incidents of weeping with gratitude.  It’s part of the medical damage.  You just remember that you are the miracle man, you are a survivor.  Less than 1% of people suffering Locked in Syndrome have survived.  Despite all odds you came through. You have worked your guts off to get to the stage that you are at.  We are so proud of you!

One day something tragic will happen to those who state that they are uncomfortable with these situations.  Let them try to walk in your shoes….they wouldn’t last the day.

I am disgusted with the attitude of the people who show no sympathy or understanding of the devastation resulting from ‘stroke’. Not that I am a vindictive person, but I would wish sometimes that they would bind one arm and one leg to their body and get someone to tie them to a wheelchair just for half a day to feel what it is like.  They may show a little more tolerance then.

When I was nursing, we had to inject ourselves to see what it was like before we were allowed to inject patients (we certainly became gentler when we administered!)

Look for something else as quickly as you can because your employer is heartless and should be reported to the disability service.

Never be ashamed of a tear or two.  It shows that you are human.”






2 thoughts on ““Never be ashamed of a tear or two. It shows that you are human”

  1. Thank you and want to move on now
    Up wards on wards
    I think it’s was more because I was reaching out as I cryied , either way
    It was pretty heartless
    But it was a valuable lesson indeed
    Shock but just maid me that one bit
    Tougher now
    I do think it’s sad that this world is loosing it’s ability to show compation
    To one another
    But there’s usually a hidden reason there somewhere
    So I will take it on the chin
    Move on wiser
    An old saying where I come from
    In Derbyshire ” nowt queer as folk !!
    All I say every day as I walk is ” think positive god is with me !!!!
    Stay upbeat says Pete
    Laters ,,,,


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