Marauding mop buckets and an unexpected gift

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OH MY GOD !!!!!

Just got tell ya this…….

I was at Cookies and More, the cake factory, cleaning, doing my usual thing, and cursing my arm while refilling the paper towels. I was bloody cursing my arm ‘cos I couldn’t quite turn the key on the top of the dispenser. Actually I can do it, but my left arm’s playing the game see? whereas my right arm just hates gravity right now. I stretch it loads because I’m aware the tendon’s too tight as well as having pathetic muscles!!!!!

So although I can turn the key now, it’s still so hard. Anyway, after a lot of swearing and a big sigh, I got on with my mopping. Have noticed since I started work at Cookies that things had changed. Well, one thing had – the mop bucket!
Here’s what I mean: When I first started with the old mop bucket, I could use two feet but now you have to stand on the lip with one foot in order to push the lever down with other foot. (This is, of course, a PROPER industrial-strength-type mop bucket!)

Well, it’s a balancing act!! Holding on to a wall with one hand while the other arm’s lifting the mop up, and having one foot on the lip while the other’s on the press down thingy is not how I imagined spending my day! What makes it even more tricky is having to squeeze the mop head by hand,  squeezing the two pieces of plastic together before using it. (A video of the procedure would be easier  – this writing malarkey is hard!!!)

Fortunately, it’s proved good therapy, as now I can almost balance without a wall – at least for a second!! But that’s not why I wanted to write this blog…..Bloody mop buckets!!! Hardly front page news are they? Hahaha!

No, what I really wanted to tell you was what happened next!! This absolutely blew me away….

Get this!!!! Cheri, a personal trainer at Good Life Health Clubs in Perth, called me. I assumed she wanted me to clean her windows or something, but NO! She said, “Hi Pete, just wanted to call ya to tell you that someone who’s read your book has been inspired by your story and wants to help you in your battle.

‘So,” she continued, “they’ve paid for you to have 10 training sessions with me in the gym!”

Well knock me down with a feather duster! I dropped the mop and stood there in a state of shock not knowing how to react! After all this time, I’ve felt it’s been me against the world and now….!! “Wow Cheri……”  was pretty well all I could say.

I must admit, after the first appointment was made and I put the phone down, I sobbed- YES, bawled my eyes out!!!!! Ssshhhhh….I couldn’t BELIEVE how kind this was and the benefactor was totally anonymous! I still can’t BELIEVE it!!

I’m so so grateful to have a little help – just for someone even to NOTICE me. This generous gift will help facilitate this @&$&@&@ arm of mine! And I’m open to help because I just couldn’t afford these sessions myself!

I am so touched by your kindness which truly made my day


You are angels (1-2?) Whoever you are!
God bless you in your life! You’re simply wonderful!

Cheri Truscott is a lovely woman and I look forward to our first session!

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